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Bio-printable 3D in vitro tumour-tissue model for high throughput testing of tumour therapeutics

The development of new tumour therapeutics is lengthy and costly and its therapeutic effect can only be streamlined through early concentration on relevant substances and better predictability. To do so, analysis using tissue models is required. Within the framework of the project a high-throughput testing system for tumour therapeutics will be developed and established at HFU. The basis of the testing system is a standardized 3D tumour tissue model which is prepared in the bio-printer for automized production.

Project partners

Furtwangen University
BioFluidix GmbH, Freiburg
Pelobiotech GmbH, Planegg


The project is funded from the European Funds for Regional Development (EFRE) and by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

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3D TuMo-Print (I17290-2)
3D TuMo-Print (I17290-3)

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