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News from the Sustainable Bioprocess Technology programme

Prof. Holger Schneider receives HFU Teaching Prize for "Sustainable Bioprocess Technology"

Sustainable Bioprocess Technology News (I18438-1)

Every year the students of the University are invited to nominate outstanding teachers for the HFU Teaching Prize.

For the 2018 HFU Teaching Prize, over 140 student nominations were submitted to the Information and Media Centre. From these nominations, 78 courses actively participated in the selection process for the 2018 Teaching Prize. The top courses from the student ranking, in which over 750 students participated, were submitted to two specialist juries for evaluation. Professor Schneider was awarded the prizemoney in the amount of €1,000 by the Rector of the University, Professor Dr. Rolf Schofer.

In the "Sustainable Process Technology" course students have to develop complex processes for the sustainable manufacture of intermediary products and particularly environmentally friendly end products, present them in a comprehensible manner and evaluate their profitability. The course is a combination of active plenary work and traditional lectures with exercises. The didactic concept is based on the involvement of all participants with their own experience and opinions.

The students nominated Professor Schneider's course because they found it "well-structured, educational, motivating and fun." This course is taught in the first semester of the Sustainable Bioprocess Technology programme.

English-taught courses

In the future some courses in the Sustainable Bioprocess Technology programme can be offered in English.

David Gaupp publishes his research findings

Sustainable Bioprocess Technology News (I16247-1)

David Gaupp, a former "Sustainable Bioprocess Technology" student has succeeded in having the research findings from his project work published in the scientific journal, "Chemie in unserer Zeit" (Chemistry in our Time). He investigated the oxidation of substances in water in a photoreactor, and described the reaction kinetic analysis of the test results. His project supervisor was Prof. Dr. Thomas Oppenländer.

Gaupp, D. R. and Oppenländer, T. (2018), Oxidation von Wasserinhaltsstoffen im Photoreaktor. Chem. Unserer Zeit, 52: 94-99. doi:10.1002/ciuz.201700773