New student projects in Summer Semester 2020

In their 1st Winter Semester our students plan their projects for the Summer Semester. The following projects are planned:

  • Influence of high-pressure treatment on the enzymes of the starch hydrolysis process
  • Establishment of a production process for phytase from Kluyveromyces marxianus with rice bran as a source of phytate
  • Extraction and concentration of cellulases in the Technology Centre of Furtwangen University
  • Recycling of polyethylene therephthalate fibres using enzymatic processes
  • Design, realisation and execution of an experimental, twin-linked bioreactor system
  • Increase in the yield of biocatalytically produced 2-Phenylethanol using a integrated system two-phase extraction with polypropylene glycol
  • Determination of EE0 values (Electrical Energy per order) using the UV Oxidation of a Rhodamin B solution with H2O2 in the 6 kW photoreactor of the Technology Centre
  • Determination of the feasibility and planning of a plant for the extraction of water from industrial exhaust fumes for use in growing foodstuffs