Current information from HFU about the Corona virus:

New student projects in Summer Semester 2020

***Due to the current corona situation, our students were not able to carry out their projects in the labs. To allow them to complete their semester as planned, all projects carried out were theoretical as opposed to practical.***

In their 1st Winter Semester our students plan their projects for the Summer Semester. The following projects are planned:

  • Influence of high-pressure treatment on the enzymes of the starch hydrolysis process
  • Establishment of a production process for phytase from Kluyveromyces marxianus with rice bran as a source of phytate
  • Extraction and concentration of cellulases in the Technology Centre of Furtwangen University
  • Recycling of polyethylene therephthalate fibres using enzymatic processes
  • Design, realisation and execution of an experimental, twin-linked bioreactor system
  • Increase in the yield of biocatalytically produced 2-Phenylethanol using a integrated system two-phase extraction with polypropylene glycol
  • Determination of EE0 values (Electrical Energy per order) using the UV Oxidation of a Rhodamin B solution with H2O2 in the 6 kW photoreactor of the Technology Centre
  • Determination of the feasibility and planning of a plant for the extraction of water from industrial exhaust fumes for use in growing foodstuffs