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Good reasons for choosing this study format

  • Degree programme includes vocational training
  • Time-saving: instead of 2.5 + 3.5 years, only 4.5 years to achieve a bachelor's degree
  • Easier entry into study programme
  • Varied and broad-ranging study programme
  • Financial independence
  • Ideal combination of theory and practice
  • Small groups, personal supervision
  • Excellent technical equipment
  • Semester abroad at a partner university
  • Vocational training completed after 2 years
  • Top opportunities on the job market
  • Well-respected university

Programme goals and content

International Engineering, taught at the Schwenningen Campus of HFU, combines mechanical engineering with international management, languages and intercultural skills. The degree is both sound and unique. The course curriculum includes design, materials technology, computer science, and manufacturing and production technology. Besides technical English as a mandatory course, students choose between Chinese, Spanish and French as a second foreign language.

After 9 semesters you are trained as an industrial clerk and also have a degree in International Engineering (IEB). Practical training from the first semester on provides deep insights into how companies work, and is the ideal preparation for the working world. In addition, the internship semester in a company and electives enable you to expand knowledge or specialise in a particular area. A semester abroad is an integral part of the advanced studies.

Industrial clerks are increasingly sought-after nowadays, particularly those with a technical background.

Internship semester

The internship semester in the "Study Plus" model is spent in the company in which the training takes place. However, the internship semester can also be carried out abroad.