Career perspectives

Top job prospects for Study Plus graduates

Current studies forecast excellent prospects regardless of the state of the German economy. It will be possible to work both in the fields of engineering and in business (International Engineering programme). Graduates are well-equipped for integrative and interdisciplinary tasks. A wide range of pathways are open to engineers, in trade, industry and services, including:

  • the automobile industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, energy sector, IT companies, transport & logistics
  • controlling, consulting, management, organisation, production, R&D
  • marketing, distribution, technical customer service, support, sales

Vocational training improves job prospects considerably

Study Plus graduates are in high demand in the job market because:

  • the solid technological basis provided by vocational training is the perfect complement to a university degree
  • because knowledge of workplace processes are critical for engineers
  • because employment experience gained during vocational training has proven to be very useful particularly in positions with personnel responsibility

This programme model is a solid basis for future employment. A high level of flexibility is particularly sought-after worldwide.