Internship semester: gaining work experience

Aim of internship semester is:

  • to consolidate, expand and apply in practice the knowledge and skills gained in courses, e.g. through involvement in a project
  • to help students decide what area they would like to work in later and the relevant courses they will need to take when completing their degree
  • to gain practical experience in working as a safety and security engineer/occupational safety expert
  • to evaluate the internship tasks
  • to gather ideas for the subject of a practical thesis

Positions in companies
Students should work in one or more of the areas taught on the programme. These include:

  • IT security
  • Occupational safety
  • Fire protection
  • Hazardous goods management,
  • Plant security
  • Protection of critical infrastructures

Size, sector and location of company are of secondary importance.

Students must spend a minimum of 95 days actually in the company (= c. 20 weeks). It is possible to divide the time up into several shorter internships.

Information for companies
Are you interested as a company in offering internship placements? Please check our Information Sheet for Companies (PDF) and this list of possible projects (PDF).

Contact person at the University
The internships coordinator is Herr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Weber

Internships work from previous years

Once a semester students present the work from their internship semester at a special event. These presentations from previous years offer a good overview of the variety of themes dealt with in the SSB programme: