Additional qualifications

The following certificates can also be gained during the course of the degree programme:


Fire Prevention Officer

Fire Prevention Officers support their employers in the implementation and monitoring of all company organized fire prevention measures. You are the main contact for fire prevention matters in the company and also support the company in talks with fire prevention authorities, the fire services and property insurers.

The training as a Fire Prevention Officer covers the following basic subjects in accordance with DGUV-Information 205-003:

  • Legal aspects
  • Fire and fire extinguishing
  • Risk evaluation of fire and explosion hazards
  • Introduction to fire prevention planning in a building, including preventative and organizational fire prevention for both the building itself and plant
  • Fire prevention management systems
  • Authorities, fire services, insurance companies
  • Exercises with hand-held fire extinguishers
Occupational Safety Specialist (in accordance with §7 of the Occupational Safety Act)

Basic and advanced training in order to fulfill tasks required in the law governing company doctors, safety and security engineers and other occupational safety specialists  – Training levels I to III – (i. V. m. § 4 der DGUV-Vorschrift 2 "Betriebsärzte und Fachkräfte für Arbeitssicherheit".

Sector specific training (training level III) is valid for the following sectors:

  • Administration/ Bildschirmtätigkeit (VBG)
  • Surveillance (VBG)
  • Wood and metal (BGHM)
  • Energy, textiles, electrical and media products (BG ETEM)
IT Security Officer in Public Administration

The title of IT Security Officer is not protected by law or other regulations, and as a result anyone including those who are only marginally involved in this field, can use this title. The HFU Akademie has developed this professional course in order to give students meaningful proof of their specialist knowledge in this area. The course is awarded a certificate which is based on standards 100-1 to 100-3 of the Government Ministry of IT Security (BSI). The examination is carried out in accordance with the examination regulations of the Bundesakademie für öffentliche Verwaltung (BAköV) of 1.1.2007.


  • Terms and legal regulations for information security
  • Standards of security management
  • Development of information security guidelines
  • Core measures of information security
  • Encryption procedures and electronic signatures
  • Development of a security plan in accordance with BSI fundamental protection
Breakdowns Officer

A breakdowns officer advises businesses and companies in all relevant areas of security. Businesses which run a plant which requires a permit in accordance with 5.BImSchV are obliged in §1 to appoint a breakdowns officer.

The training covers the following:

  • Plant and process engineering from a security engineering aspect
  • Hazardous materials
  • Company security organization
  • Prevention of breakdowns and limitation of their effects
  • Preventative fire and explosion protection
  • Basics of development of security reports, alarm and hazard prevention plansGefahrenabwehrplänen
  • Evaluation of security.related documents and certificates
  • Limitation of emissions / imissions
  • Environmental laws on imissions protection, security, occupational safety and hazardous materials
  • Public Relations
Radiation Protection Specialist

Basic course S 4.1 and S 2.2: This course meets the requirements of the Specialist Knowledge - Engineering Directive of 18.06.2004 Radiation regulation – StrlSchV of 20.07.2001 (BGBl. I S. 1714, 2002 I. S. 1459), in accordance with authorization10.6.2010 (AZ 54-4-13/4672.21) of the Regierungspräsidium in Tübingen (ZSV), last changed in Article 2 in the statutes of 18.06.2002 (BGBl. I S. 1869, 1903).

Specialization in accordance with §7 of the Noise and Vibrations Regulations

Specialist knowledge in accordance with § 56 of the Noise and Vibrations - Occupational Safety Regulations. The employer can only allow measurements to be made by persons who have the necessary specialist knowledge and the required  equipment.

Chamber of Commerce exam prep course

If you want to become self-employed in the security sector in Germany, in accordance with the trading regulations (§ 34 a GewO ) you are required to take a specialist examination. This covers every type of security work, for example in the area of events security or in the security of critical infrastructures.

"Security & Safety Engineering" students can cover the course material necessary for the examination in an elective. This is made possible by a cooperative agreement between the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce and Furtwangen University. Since summer semester 2017, the Chamber of Commerce exam can also be taken directly at the University.

The following areas are covered for the Chamber of Commerce examination:

  • Law governing public law and order and security, including commercial law and data protection law
  • Civil law
  • Criminal law and criminal proceedings law including weapons handling
  • Accident prevention regulations guard and security services
  • Interpersonal skills, in particularly behaviour in dangerous situations and de-escalation techniques in conflict situations
  • Fundamentals of security engineering