General questions about the Physiotherapy programme

Where do lectures take place?

Until now, classes have been held on four of five weekdays at the Freiburg study center (Konrad-Goldmann-Straße 7). Once a week, classes are held in Furtwangen (O Building, A Building). In addition, you will be on assignment at changing locations during the practical study phases. An overview of our cooperation partners for the practical training assignments can be found Internal link opens in the same window:here.


Is there public transport between Freiburg and Furtwangen?

There are public transport connections between Freiburg and Furtwangen but unfortunately, the connections are not ideal, so in the past our students have organised carpools.

Where can I live?

Lectures take place four out of five days a week in Freiburg. Everyone should decide for themselves whether they want to live in Freiburg, in the Freiburg area or in Furtwangen.

Do I need a car to study Physiotherapy?

A car certainly facilitates transfers between study locations, however, this is not absolutely necessary. Travel between Furtwangen and Freiburg can be organised using carpools or car sharing. The practical training facilities, which are difficult to reach by public transport, often offer overnight accommodation.


Is it possible to do a semester abroad?

Since students are bound by the state-regulated training and examination regulations for physiotherapists in order to become licenses as a physiotherapist, a semester abroad before the seventh semester is difficult. Therefore, many of our students opt for a semester abroad in the 7th semester, in which the Bachelor thesis and various electives take place.

When and where does the practical training take place?

From the 3rd semester onwards, practical phases take place in 4-8 week blocks in cooperating physiotherapy facilities, alternating with the courses at Furtwangen University. These include various rehabilitation clinics, practices and acute hospitals. The practical training is mostly completed in facilities in the Black Forest-Upper Rhine region; in individual cases, a practical phase abroad is also possible. In accordance with the training and examination regulations for physiotherapists, 1600 hours of practical training are completed (as in traditional vocational training). An overview of our cooperation partners for the practical training assignments can be found Internal link opens in the same window:here.

Can/do I have to look for a place for the practical study phases myself?

No, you do not have to worry about finding a place for the practical study phases yourself. Furtwangen University has a large number of partner institutions for practical training. The places for the practical training are allocated by the university in order to ensure regular teaching visits by your lecturers.

FAQ about application

Do I already need an police certificate of good conduct/certificate from the doctor/form/self-disclosure for the application?

No these documents are not required until after acceptance and must be available at the time of enrollment. Templates for the certificate from the doctor, for the application for the police certificate of good conduct (document type NE) and for the self-disclosure as well as the contract with our cooperation partner for practical training, Gesundheitsschulen Südwest GmbH, will be sent to you together with the letter of acceptance.

How recent must the police certificate of good conduct (document type NE) be?

The certificate of good conduct (document type NE) may not be older than 3 months at the beginning of the semester (WS: 01 September) (i.e. earliest date of issue: 01 June of the year). Together with the offer of acceptance, you will receive an information letter on how to apply for a certificate of good conduct (document type NE). You do not need to submit a certificate of good conduct with your application. Please wait with the application until you have received an offer of acceptance and the corresponding information letter from us.

What information do I need for the medical certificate?

For the medical certificate of health suitability to practice as a physiotherapist, a form is enclosed with the letter of acceptance, which must be signed and stamped by a doctor. Complex diagnostic examination procedures (e.g. X-ray, ECG...) are not necessary for this.

Do I need a training contract with Gesundheitsschulen Südwest GmbH /Do I have to apply separately to Gesundheitsschulen Südwest GmbH?

The complete application procedure takes place over Furtwangen University. The training contract is integrated into the admission procedure and will be provided to you automatically with your acceptance. The contract signed by you must be available to the Student Affairs Department at the time of enrollment. We will then forward the contract to Gesundheitsschulen Südwest GmbH for your signature. You do not have to send the contract to Gesundheitsschulen Südwest GmbH yourself.

My university entrance qualification certificate is not yet available, can I still apply?

Once you have completed all the exams, you can apply with a provisional certificate. You will receive this from your school. Admission on the basis of a provisional certificate is possible. The university entrance qualification must be available by the time of enrollment at the latest.

What are the chances of getting a place at university?

The chances of receiving one of the 60 study places depend on the number of applicants each year. The timing of your application is irrelevant, as long as it is submitted on time. After reviewing all applications, a selection committee decides which applicants will be accepted. Additional achievements can increase your chances of getting a place at the university. In order to receive an upgrade of the grade with which you are submitted, it is absolutely necessary that you enclose appropriate proof (work references, letters from association chairpersons, ...). Mention of activities in your CV alone will not lead to an upgrade. Among the achievements that can lead to an upgrade are:

  • completed vocational training in an apprenticed profession
  • practical activities with a health orientation
  • extracurricular achievements such as prizes and awards
  • activities abroad of a minimum of three months
Is there a fixed NC?

There is no fixed Numerus Clausus (minimum grade requirement). The grade point average is recalculated every year. In the past years, the grade point average of the admitted applicants was between 2.1 and 2.7.

Is there a selection test or do I have to come in for a personal interview in advance?

No, there is no examination or personal selection interview.

How are study places allocated?

Furtwangen University allocates its study places in admission-restricted study programmes according to the university's own selection procedure if there are more applicants for a degree programme than there are places to be allocated. After deduction of the preliminary quotas, study places are awarded as follows:

  • 90% of the study places are allocated via the selection procedure
  • 10% of the study places are awarded via the waiting period

The following preliminary quotas apply:

  • 10% foreigners (applies to non-EU nationals)
  • 5%  hardship cases
  • 2% second degree
  • 1% local commitment in the public interest
  • all preferred students (rejection due to military/replacement service)
When can I apply?

Click here for the Internal link opens in the same window:Application dates and deadlines. Advance applications are not possible.


What vaccinations do I require?

We recommend that students adhere to the recommendations of the External link opens in a new window:Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO). They recommend that students be vaccinated against B. pertussis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, mumps, rubella and herpes zoster, or have the vaccination status checked before beginning studies. Vaccinations against measles and corona are mandatory. Proof of complete vaccination against the measles and coronavirus must be submitted in the course of enrollment. The vaccinations must be refreshed in compliance with the respective legal regulations; proof of this must be submitted without being requested.