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What do I need to do the MusicDesign master's programme?

The programme is a specialization for students with various professional and academic aims. A relevant, qualifying diploma or bachelor's degree is a prerequisite. Even if it is not a requirement that you have musical training in the classical sense, you should certainly have musical experience. Here knowledge of digital tools for music production is an advantage. The critical requirement for this programme is a professional interest in, and understanding of, sound and its design. The curriculum will be undertaken collaboratively in seminars and project-oriented courses, to which you will also be able to contribute with the interests, knowledge and skills you bring with you to the programme.

What are some of the typical things we do on the MusicDesign master's programme?

On the one hand, the programme curriculum revolves around an awareness of and the design of sound and music. On the other hand, it deals with the design of musical media and technologies. You have the freedom to choose which you would like to concentrate on. Digital technologies include traditional means of production such as immersive and interactive audio systems. Here we are talking about questions of aesthetics, design and methodology. Particular emphasis in the programme is put on the design of sound interaction and interactive musical media.

Are there any international cooperation partners for the MusicDesign master's programme?

International cooperations are currently being set up. We do however already have various connections with institutes in Europe, America (north and south) and Asia. Please contact the dean of studies or the international coordinator of the Faculty of Digital Media to discuss personal preferences and options.