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MusicDesign MA, Music Design (I5482)

MusicDesign (discontinued)

Master of Arts

What does the future sound like?

Over thousands of years, the development of musical technologies and media has always created new ways to play (with) music. New musical instruments and machines, notations, concert halls, recording studios and recording technologies open not only new soundscapes and spaces, but also makes new situations, interactions and ecological systems, in which music moves people and brings them together, possible.

The MusicDesign programme deals with the shaping of musical media and practices in the digital age. At the interface between various disciplines, it brings together students from various areas to learn theory, develop concepts and realize projects..

10 good reasons to take an MA in MusicDesign

  • Exciting field of research at the interface between culture, economy, education and media
  • Application-oriented programme providing comprehensive know-how in the areas of planning, design and production of auditive media
  • Development of technical, methodological and social skills
  • Team-oriented learning and research in projects
  • Small groups and personal mentoring
  • High-tech media labs and cutting-edge equipment
  • Interdisciplinary degree programme: Furtwangen University and Trossingen University of Music
  • International programme with opportunities for studying abroad, e.g. with Tongji University, Shanghai
  • Close cooperation with the Centre for Music Design and Performance
  • Outstanding careers perspectives
  • ECTS 90 ECTS
  • Programme duration 3 Semesters
  • Location Furtwangen, Trossingen
  • Faculty Digital Media
  • Programme begins
  • Application deadline
  • Entry requirements This study programme is discontinued and is no longer accepting applications.
  • Teaching Language English
  • Accreditation Yes (system accreditation)

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MusicDesign MA, Music Design (I11946)
The MusicDesign Master is for me the most interesting and most innovative area of the Faculty of Digital Media and a wonderful provocation for everyone who thinks music must be connected to "natural talent" and "being able to read music".
Norbert Schnell - Dean of Studies MUM