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Details of programme

A sound and practical basis

Details of programme (I1215-1)

Music designers work closely in the design and implementation of this production with other artists, marketing and product acoustics experts from the areas of brand communication, product development, architecture, media installations, film, interactive applications and mobile content. In doing so, music designers produce acoustics from elements of (composed) music, speech, sound and noises, and can analyse and evaluate these from an aesthetic and psychoacoustic point of view.

During the foundation studies, musical and technical principles are taught. Students gain competences in the area of aural training, improvisation and composition, as well as music science, audio engineering and basic programming languages. In later semesters work with musicians and artists becomes the most important aspect of the degree programme. Media management and marketing as well as practical projects complete the curriculum. During the programme students learn how to carry out independent projects and how to reflect constructively on their own work and that of others.

We recommend spending a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities and credits taken will be recognized.

The 7th semester is an internship semester which leads to the bachelor's project and a university-internal presentation, and the bachelor's degree in the 8th semester. In addition regular workshops by leaders in this field and those who have been successful in the creative and musical sectors are offered.

Electives allow students to customize their course to their own interests, e.g.:

  • Interactive musical content and games
  • Film music
  • Experimental composition
  • Musical computer science
  • Music instruction

We are looking for creative people with sound in their blood who don't just want to be interpreters of music: even if you dropped out of school or have a completely different employment background. We want people who are into music, composition, sound design, DJing, sound art, media design and scenography.

Career perspectives

Music designers can be employed or self-employed in the following areas:

  • Composition
  • Audio-/sound design
  • Sound control
  • Media production
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Audio-supervision and sound design for production companies (music, video, computer applications/games, advertising)
  • Agencies (advertising, advertising film, web and events agencies), radio/TV and music schools

Qualify further with a Master's

After gaining your bachelor's degree, you can qualify further by taking one of the following master's degrees at the Faculty of Digital Media: