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Pre-study internship

Pre-study internship (I161-1)

A pre-study internship is mandatory for this degree programme. This will give you the opportunity to gain first insights into your future field of work and to find out before you begin your course whether it is the right course for you or not.

It is in some cases possible to begin your programme without having done a pre-study internship, or to have previous experience partially or completely accredited. Please read through the following sections on "Timing of internship" and " Internship waiver".

Duration of internship

An internship of a minimum of 8 weeks/40 days is required for the Molecular and Technical Medicine degree programme.

Timing of internship

The pre-study internship should if possible be carried out before the programme begins. If this is not possible, it can be done at any time before the beginning of the 4th semester. It can also be completed in several stages, but each stage should have a duration of no less than 2 weeks at each institution.

Pre-study internship objectives

Familiarity with the various fields of work in healthcare and R&D, e.g. through work shadowing in hospitals and medical practices, assistance in important lab tasks and becoming familiar with hygiene regulations, documentation procedures and quality management.

Internship placements

These are possible in hospitals, laboratories, the German Red Cross, local health authorities, in pharmaceutical companies, large medical practices, medical services centres, and in water and sewerage companies, as well as in the medical technology sector.

Internship waiver

Upon application, the internship may be partially or completely waived. Prerequisite is proof of work experience as described under "Internship objectives" above. Please contact the vice-dean of studies of the study programme for confirmation.

The following activities could be recognized. Each case will be examined individually.

  • Training or internship in a recognized and relevant apprenticeship programme
  • Graduation from a subject-specific high school (Gymnasium or Berufskolleg)
  • Incomplete university degree programme, e.g. biology, medicine, health sciences
  • Year of voluntary work (FSJ) or voluntary service with relevant experience

Further information can be found on the Pre-study Internship Information Sheet.