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Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the programme

What are the requirements for the Molecular and Technical Medicine degree programme?

There are no particular requirements, however an interest in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics and maths) and medical subjects (anatomy, physiology) is important.

I didn't do much maths/physics/chemistry at school. How can I tell if it's good enough?

That is difficult to say. Success in these subjects depends a lot on the individual student, how much effort they make and their existing knowledge. If necessary, tutorials and extra exercises in the relevant subject are offered. We can also help to organize private tutoring.

What are the admission requirements?

The admission requirements can be found on the pages of the Furtwangen Admissions Office (Zulassungsamt). Enquiries about application and admissions can be sent to the Admissions Office by email at: zulassungsamt(at) The Admissions Office can be reached by telephone at: 07723-920-1234 or 07723-920-1233.

If you fulfill the admission requirements, your school grades will then be checked. School grades can up upgraded based on the various criteria given below. Please enclose copies as proof.

  • volunteer work (Red Cross, youthwork, etc.)
  • academic awards
  • completed vocational training
  • work abroad (for longer than 3 months)

If you have a non-EU university degree, please refer to the application information for international students.

What grade do I need to get in (Numerus clausus)?

There is no specific grade. The average grade for acceptance until now was between 1.9 and 3.0, but this is dependent upon the number and qualifications of the applicants for any given semester. It's worthwhile to apply in any case.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of free study places, after deducting the advance quota, 90% of the study places are allocated according to the university's own selection procedures and 10% are allocated to those on the waiting list.

Can I have grades from other programmes or work experience accredited for this study programme?

Yes, under certain conditions, after being checked by the Faculty Examination Board.


Is it possible to transfer from another programme?

It is possible to transfer from another programme provided there are free places. The preferred starting semester should be noted in the application form. Decisions are made on an individual basis.


Where can I find the important forms, dates and deadlines for the MTZ programme?

The important information about taking a degree can be found here. Specific forms and information for the MTZ programme can be found under "Details of the programme".

How do I sign up for an English language course (in the 1st and 2nd semesters)?

All first semester students must take an English language placement test before lectures start. You do not require an HFU email address to take the test.


The test and all information you will need for access can be found on the External link opens in a new window:Language Center (LC) webpages or on NEO.

The online registration opens during the first week of lectures (please check the LC webpages for the exact dates. Access Codes for the language courses are sent to students by email over NEO and are posted on the LC webpages. You will also find the necessary information on our Faculty webpages. Please make sure you are familiar with the procedures and register by the given deadlines. The courses fill out very quickly.

Please note: You must take one course per semester. This course takes place once a week on Wednesday afternoons in the 1st and 2nd semestsers. Please make sure you register for courses at this time.

If you miss the first class, you forfeit your right to a place on the course.
Current timetables for all campuses are available on our webpages.

How do I get a lab coat (for the 1st semester)?

You will need a lab coat with the following requirements from the beginning of your degree programme for course practicals.

  • Material: white, 100% cotton (min. 35%), which can be washed in a hot wash (up to 95°C)
  • Cut: covers the knees when sitting, can be closed at the front (ideally with stud fastenings), arms as tight as possible

Because you will need the lab coat in the first few weeks of lectures, it is advisable to get one as soon as possible. You will find lab coats in the internet or work clothes stores. They cost approximately €30 each.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Birgit Fritz by telephone 07720-307-4747 or email,

Academic literature research

All student coursework must be written according to the so-called scientific principles. This means most importantly the correct citing of sources from academic literature.

Our library team runs research training courses to assist you in researching subject literature. A summary of the content of such courses can be found in the following FELIX course "Research successfully with the Schwenningen Campus library".

Is there a suitable master's programme?

Yes, our two master's programmes: Medical Diagnostic Technologies (M.Sc.) and Technical Physician (M.Sc.) can be taken, either directly after graduating with a bachelor's, or after a period of work experience. The master's programmes start once a year in the winter semester.

Is it possible to do a doctoral degree afterwards?

As with most Universities of Applied Science, Furtwangen University cannot offer doctoral degrees. However, it is possible to take a doctoral degree at HFU in cooperation with a university (Doctoral degrees at HFU). Many of our graduates take a doctoral degree after they have completed their master's and within our Faculty there are several doctoral candidates who are currently working on interesting doctoral theses.