Career pathways for graduates of the programme

Career prospects: where can I work after graduation?

Career perspectives (I145-1)

The career prospects for graduates are regarded as excellent. In addition, demographic changes and advances in medicine will make a change in the way of thinking in healthcare unavoidable and offer opportunities for new areas of employment. The broad-based curriculum of the course means that there are many areas within the healthcare system where you can use your degree and job prospects are very good.

Many graduates have given very positive feedback. It shows that many continue on to do a master's programme and/or start a career in an attractive field of work such as in the pharmaceutical industry, in R&D or in diagnostics in hospitals.

Job sectors

Business and industry, research and development
  • Fundamental research, applied research
  • Quality management
  • Product development
  • Development of testing procedures and studies
Laboratories, research and development
  •  Fundamental research (e.g. molecular diagnostics, investigations into pathomechanisms and genetic defects)
  •  Development and execution of scientific and general evaluations
  •  Development, design and setting up of laboratory facilities
Clinics and medical service centres
  • Collaboration in diagnostics using imaging processes
  • Quality management, hygiene
  • Medical engineering, laboratory technology, environmental protection, environmental medicine
  • Collaboration in the design and execution of clinical studies
Government agencies in the fields of safety, environment and hygiene
  • Quality management
  • Hygiene management