Graduate Testimonials

Johannes Hunn

Graduate Testimonials (I16524-1)

Technical Manager,
Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, Freiburg

The Mobile Systems master's programme in the Faculty of Computer Science at HFU was the right decision for me. The degree allowed me to start working right away after graduating and to take on a lot of responsibility in the company. This wouldn't have been possible with a bachelor's. Through the master's degree I was able to become more professional in my way of working and the methods I use.

Master of Mobile Systems graduate, 2017

Ralf Müller

Project Leader Software Development at S.Siedle & Söhne OHG

The Master of Mobile Systems programme strengthened and expanded my previous Information Technology knowledge and experience. With the focus on future-oriented topics such as "Smart Home", "Ambient Assisted Living" and "Assistive Systems" from the area of autocommunications, current topics from Digital Mobility, the Internet of Things and Mobile Computing were looked at, investigated and discussed. To do so, small groups were formed to increase the learning effect for each member of the project while benefiting from teamwork. In the early stages of my work as a project leader there were already recognizable similarities and interfaces with the topics we worked on, which of course gave me an ideal start in my career.

Master of Mobile Systems graduate, 2016