Labs and equipment

Labs and equipment (I4557-1)

The Faculty of Computer Science is equipped with excellent lab facilities which are regularly adapted to keep up with current developments. These enable our students to carry out practical work at modern workstations and put the theory they have learned into practice.

In the labs they can work on current topics such as the internet of things, embedded systems or on smart home technologies. The facilities also include a high performance cluster for big data analysis.

Internet of Things (IoT) Lab

Labs and equipment (I4558-1)

The Internet of Things Lab provides students with access to new and exciting developments in the area of digitalization. In the worldwide web humans communicate with web servers, in the internet of things, machines communicate with machines, for example in industry 4.0.

The IoT Lab is mainly used for the planning, design, implementation and testing of various IoT applications. Besides technical realization, security aspects also have to be taken into consideration because the IoT functions self-suffiently.

Purpose of the lab

  • Workstations for semester and master's projects, and bachelor's and master's theses

Lab equipment

  • Infotainment and telematic demonstrator
  • 2 humanoid NAO robots
  • Multicopter
  • PC workstations, also equipped with CANoe software
  • FHFtrain
  • Central work island for teamwork and project meetings

Smart Home Lab

The Smart Home Lab, which is currently under construction, will be used to design, implement and examine technical procedures and various application scenarios in the home. The goal is both to increase the quality of living and the safety of the residents by networking household and entertainment devices (e.g. lamps, blinds, cooker, fridge, video and audio components) and automating the procedures, and to increase the quality of life of the elderly using ambient assisted living technologies. The devices are controlled by speaking through relevant apps.

The lab will not only be used for work on the internet of things and smart home devices. It will also examine aspects of the product management of possible future innovation scenarios.

Purpose of the lab

  • Execution of research projects
  • Execution of project and thesis work in the area of digital mobility and the internet of things

Lab equipment

  • Four rooms (kitchen, bathroom, livingroom and bedroom) which represent the various contexts of a smart home. The rooms are fitted with a variety of networked devices and gadgets.
  • Pepper robot, in particular for the development of applications for ambient assisted living
  • Hard- and software tools
  • Modern working environment

Master's Lab

Labs and equipment (I4565-1)

This lab offers students in the Computer Science and Mobile Systems master's programmes a modern working environment in which they can carry out projects and thesis work.

Lab equipment

  • Individual and group workstations
  • Lockers