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Details of programme

Multimobility is a sign of our times. Whether networked use of transport, mobile communication or the intelligent control of our home - we are virtually networked everywhere at the same time.

During our three-semester programme, you will take courses in the two areas of specialization, digital mobilty and product management, as well as other modules and electives. You will also carry out a team project on a current mobility topic. The programme has a  practical focus throughout.

Digital mobility

Digital Mobility involves on the one hand the mobility of users in connection with mobile devices and applications, in other words movement in virtual space. On the other hand it involves the mobility of information - access to digital information and applications over time and space which lays an important basis for the coming internet of things.

Product management

The challenges of mobile systems product management require a complete, systematic and sustainable approach. In this master's programme you will gain a rigorous grounding in the identification, evaluation and design of IT solutions for mobile systems. You will learn to coordinate digital mobility projects in the areas of Smart Living, the Smart Home and Mobile Computing. In doing so you will develop solutions which aim to benefit society and improve people's lives.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of digital mobility and the management of mobile products
  • Ability to analyze problems and to plan and design solutions for user and information mobility
  • Expertise for the implementation of mobile systems applications and services in the context of industry 4.0

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Ability to identify a lack of information and apply scientific principles in order to develop solutions for complex technical questions or write academic papers
  • Decision-making, problem-solving and team-working skills to develop efficient, market-oriented and user-friendly product solutions
  • Improved written and oral communications and knowledge transfer skills in German and English

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Product management of mobile and assistive systems
  • Project management
  • Architecture of digital mobility solutions
  • IT consulting

Students develop sustainable ideas within the framework of the "Green Digital Activator Programme"

Details of programme (I20145-1)

Enthusiastic participation of Mobile Systems master's students in the international Green Economy Challenge. Click here to read report.