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Qualified for outstanding opportunities and career paths

Demographic changes and growing affluence, together with the side-effects of bad nutrition and lack of movement, will cause chronic illness to increase and place a higher burden on the health system and society. For this reason leaps in innovation in medical engineering will be unavoidable not only to enable patients to continue to live independently, but also through optimal therapy and improvement of patient compliance, to improve treatment quality and quality of life.

Career perspectives (I11356)
Very practice-oriented, small groups and the University is very well networked with other universities, companies and institutions.
Julia Wildenhain (Bachelor in Ulm, Master with us, now a Product Maintenance Engineer)

Possible career pathways

As a graduate of the Micromedical Engineering master's programme, you are not only qualified for R&D positions in medical technology firms, but also for positions in product management, in approvals and in the technical sales of micromedical technology products.

Possible areas of employment are for example:

  • Medical technology firms: development and optimization of medical devices, implants and technical aids for diagnosis and therapy, supervision of medical approvals for the national and international market. As a specialist in your company you are the contact person for doctors, R&D partners and other users of the developed devices, as well as for product management specialists.
  • Research institutes, universities (PhD): R&D in the area of high-tech systems (e.g. intelligent implants, navigations systems for neurosurgery and orthopaedics, minimal invasive surgery, etc.) as well as cooperative clinical studies
  • Clinics, hospitals and medical centres: use of complex technical devices, e.g. in the use of intelligent implants in neurosurgery
  • Local authorities, government agencies and medical insurance companies: evaluation and approval of micromedical devices and assessment of the health benefits for patients, as well as quality control. Scientific evaluation of micromedical products.