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Qualified for outstanding opportunities and goals

The job market for Medical Engineering is expanding worldwide. Graduates are highly sought after in industry, hospitals, research institutes and in local authorities.

Possible career pathways include:

  • Medical Engineering in industry and hospitals
    Development of medical devices, implants and technical aids for diagnosis and therapy, support in gaining medical approvals. Operation of complex systems, consultation with doctors, assistance in hospital planning, safety controls.
  • Technical medicine with cardiovascular perfusion and operating theatre engineering
    Configuration and use of extracorporal systems such as heart-lung machines, organ-support systems, pacemakers and defibrilators, minimally invasive procedures and other innovative future-oriented technologies.
  • Research:
    Medical and biomedical fundamental research, solution of elemental problems, development of medical technologies
  • Management in industry and hospitals
    Industry partner for doctors, healthcare employees and hospital administrators. Medical device training and configuration in hospitals.