Software Processes specialization

Combine computer science, management and marketing

Software Processes specialization (I9135-1)

The Software Processes specialization will give you an excellent understanding of core competences in the areas of computer science, management and the IT market which will stand you in good stead in our globalized world. As an IT product manager you are responsible for the life-cycle of products - from the first design and the professional development, to the market launch. This includes of course, all relevant support. You are familiar with modern IT and know how this can be expanded and used in global market structures. They make sure that IT products and services are planned in a market-oriented and commercially successful way, and that they can be quickly adapted to market trends.

Graduates who specialize in this area, plan, organize and coordinate complex project procedures. As a product strategist you will use your IT knowledge at the important interfaces between development and the market. During the programme you will develop the excellent communications skills required for the constant contact with customers and developers. The interdisciplinary programme guarantees you outstanding job prospects in a variety of exciting career pathways, both at home and abroad.

Programme structure

The bachelor programme takes 7 semesters and is clearly structured. In each semester you will take 5 modules which are generally completed with a graded assessment. The foundation level studies are completed after 2 semesters, the advanced level studies after 5 semesters. Your programme includes lectures, seminars and practicals in the area of computer science, software engineering, project and product management, information and communication management, languages and social skills.

With the specialization modules in product life-cycle management, software and system architecture, release management, IT processes and procedural models for software development, you will have gain deep insights into the central aspects of  software processes. Further specializations can also be taken in the semester projects in the 4th and 6th semesters, in the internship in the 5th semester and in the 2 elective modules in the 6th and 7th semesters.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • General IT product management skills
  • Set up and use of modern information technologies in and for IT firms

Specialization: Software Processes

  • Product management skills (Interdisciplinary knowledge of computer science and market/customers)
  • Knowledge of complete software life-cycle

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • International orientation
  • Communication and (re)presentation skills
  • Teamworking and leadership skills
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Product manager for software systems and IT services
  • Ability to work in various areas of the software life-cycle, particularly in software marketing and quality management
  • Ability to work in international environment (management of distributed development projects)

Job description and perspectives

The need for highly-skilled professionals in the IT sector is constantly growing. IT graduates are in high demand in the job market and have excellent career perspectives. Salaries are also high end. Top rankings in employability confirm the high level of respect our graduates enjoy in IT firms.

Career pathways

  • Product management for software systems and IT services
  • Development of new IT product strategies
  • Employment in various areas of the software life-cycle ( e.g. product design, software marketing, quality management)
  • International career opportunities (organization and management of distributed development projects)

Employment sectors

  • IT firms
  • Software and communication industry
  • Service companies
  • Administration
  • Trade

Qualify further with a master's

After completing your bachelor's degree you will be qualified to take one of the two master's degrees we offer, Computer Science or Mobile Systems. With a master's degree, you will be optimally prepared to take on management responsibilities or to do a doctorate.

Besides teaching the principles of computer science, the course also covers the core skills of project and product management, marketing and sales, and moderation and communication, as well as languages and social skills. The programme prepared me in the best possible way for my career start as a product manager at the interface between development, marketing, sales and the customer.
Kevin Hetzel, Product Manager Cloud Solutions, M&M Software GmbH, St. Georgen, Graduate 2017