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Software Processes specialisation

Manage software development in companies

Software Processes specialisation (I9135-1)

In the study programme with the Software Processes focus you will learn how to manage development processes. You will be working intensively with software architectures, the optimisation of IT processes and questions of IT alignments. As a software development process specialist you will ensure that the internal procedures in a company function smoothly and that products with the expected quality reach the market at the correct point in time.

Programme structure

The following table shows the programme structure. The bachelor's programme takes 7 semesters and is clearly structured. In each semester you will take 5 modules which are generally completed with a graded assessment. The foundation level studies are completed after 2 semesters, the advanced level studies after 5 semesters.

You gain practical experience already during your course through integrated projects. In the 5th semester you do an internship in a software company of your choice. If you wish you can do your 6th semester abroad - and we'll help you find a suitable university. In the 7th semester you complete your degree by writing your thesis, generally within a company.

Career perspectives

The outlook for specialists in the IT sector is excellent. IT graduates with management know-how are in great demand in the job market. They have excellent career perspectives and salary expectations.

Career pathways

  • Product management for software systems and IT services
  • Development of new IT product strategies
  • Employment in various areas of the software lifecycle ( e.g. product design, software marketing, quality management)

Employment sectors

  • IT firms
  • Software and communication industry
  • Service industry
  • Administration, trade

Qualify further with a master's

After completing your bachelor's degree you will be qualified to take one of the two master's degrees we offer, Computer Science or Mobile Systems. With a master's degree, you will be optimally prepared to take on management responsibilities or to do a doctorate.

Software Processes specialisation (I10837)
Besides teaching the principles of computer science, the course also covers the core skills of project and product management, marketing and sales, moderation and communication, and languages and social skills. The programme prepared me in the best possible way for my career start as a product manager at the interface between development, marketing, sales and the customer.
Kevin Hetzel, Product Manager Cloud Solutions, M&M Software GmbH, St. Georgen, Graduate 2017