Meet-and-Greet HFU MBA alumni program

Our Dean of Studies, Prof. Hale: “With this program we aim to connect our current cohort of MBAs to those who have come before them”.

Sharing career pathing, life decisions and just being authentic with each other, we build our growing "tribe" of HFU-educated MBAs, spread around the globe. These members are equipped to build bridges across borders, disciplines, generations and fields. The M&G program provides space for exchanging the insights alumni have discovered to develop innovative solutions in a volatile and complex world. By forging these MBA connections, our network provides a stable home in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. We invite alumni to give back to the MBA program in whatever ways make sense for them: in guest talks, workshops, in providing guidance, internships, and tacit knowledge about how the various workplaces really tick.

Our MBAs have made us proud of their accomplishments after graduation. We look forward to growing our MBA network for all the HFU MBAs.

Tobias Lombacher, Germany, alumni of 2010

Head of R&D

Attending the MBA at Furtwangen University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The course, with its up-to-date curriculum, lives from the practical background and engagement of its staff. Especially the entrepreneurial atmosphere and a close integration of real business cases made the experience valuable. Coming from an engineering background, staff and curriculum enabled me to integrate both areas thoroughly.

Ksenia Siipola, née Kovbasyuk, 2009

Marketing Operations and Insights Manager at LucaNet AG, Berlin

"My MBA time at HS Furtwangen was an invaluable experience. It gave me not only additional business knowledge, but most importantly it gave me a different perspective and the ability to examine any situation, myself and others in a broader context, generating my own learnings as I go, and making decisions from a much wider range of perspectives and possibilities."


Samuel Payne, Swaziland, alumni of 2005

Senior Manager at Deloitte Africa,  responsible for  corporate responsibility and sustainability

"The Furtwangen MBA has really helped me position myself in the marketplace. The MBA qualification has given me a broad understanding of business and I am able to use this in my everyday situations at work. I like the fact that it was a generalist qualification and that we were a small group and got to learn from one another. The MBA experience is about what other people bring into the classroom environment (and our cohort did not disappoint in this area). I particularly found value in international marketing, strategy, human resources, as well as the course on managing cultural diversity. I believe that the MBA degree opens up a world of opportunity and it really provided me with a world view of business."