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How is IBW ranked?

What do our students say about IBW?

Testimonials and rankings (I11852)
"What I like best about the HFU Business School is the open relationship between students and teaching staff and, above all, between the various study programmes. You are never alone and you get to know both the newer and the older students. I'm always meeting new people because of the lectures that we take together."
Natascha Toutziaridou, study semester abroad in China

How did IBW score in the CHE University Ranking?

The International Business (IBW) programme scored top ratings in the 2020 CHE Ranking – Germany's largest and most well-known university rankings. Studying International Business with us means you are at one of the top 10 universities of applied sciences in Germany.

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We are delighted at the positive feedback our students have given us.

"I didn't miss my home country Mexico very often because of the friendly, harmonious and relaxed relationship between students, and between students and teaching staff."
Arlene Roa Aillaud

How is IBW evaluated on

Germany's most popular universities and universities of applied sciences are listed on the country's largest university ranking portal, In 2018 Furtwangen University (HFU) took 2nd place in Baden-Württemberg and 10th place across the whole country.

Rankings for International Business (IBW) can be found here.