Sustainable and individual

Sustainable & Individual (I26934-1)

We aim to foster a strong sense of values in our students which is why we attach great importance to mutual respect, open and fair interaction, and high levels of motivation. With us you won't just be another "anonymous matriculation number", but will study in an atmosphere characterized by personal support and and active cooperation, where contact with professors and lecturers is close and uncomplicated.

We firmly believe that tomorrow's decision-makers must consider the consequences of their decisions for our environment and society as a whole.

Business ethics and sustainability

Climate change, child labour in international supply chains and plastic waste in the world's oceans are just a few examples of the global challenges that especially decision-makers in companies also face. Business ethics and sustainable development are therefore important components of the IBW degree programme. HFU Business School has been committed to the United Nations' "External link opens in a new window:Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)" since 2019.

These principles are closely linked to the role that higher education institutions play in achieving the United Nations' External link opens in a new window:Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs take on the grand challenges facing our world, from poverty alleviation to climate change mitigation, and set specific targets for 2030. Our goal is to enable our students to make a positive contribution to an environmentally and socially responsible society.

Practical projects - social and environmental

Our students carry out a practical project in the 4th semester, which very often serves a social or environmental purpose. Whether supporting the social media presence of the "One World Shop", or tutoring and mentoring children from socially disadvantaged households, the possibilities for community engagement are virtually unlimited.