Internationality (I20926-1)

In IBW, you choose one of 3 regional focuses when you apply: China, Latin America/Spain or France. Besides improving your language skills, you will learn a lot about business and society in the chosen region. With 3 languages and 2-3 semesters abroad, IBW is certainly one of the most international business programmes in Germany. Almost all the lecturers in the programme have lived and worked abroad themselves for many years and the language lessons are of course taught by native speakers. On our campus you can make friends with students from many other countries around the world and study in a lively international and friendly atmosphere. Our welcoming culture and personal support also make our location attractive for international guests. When you walk across our campus, it is not unusual for you to hear many different languages being spoken and to meet people from around the world.

Bilingual degree

Through its multilingualism IBW is designed so that you can acquire a bilingual degree (German & English) with your studies. An additional "plus" for your later career both in Germany and abroad.

And by carefully selecting your semesters abroad, it is even possible to gain a trilingual degree (German & English & Spanish or French).

Study semester abroad
Internationality (I26954-1)

Intercultural competence and linguistic fluency are best learned in the country! That is why a semester abroad and an internship abroad are an integral part of the IBW programme. For our students, the time abroad is a highlight in their studies and an experience that stays with them long after they finish university.

Therefore, our students spend the 5th semester at one of over 80 partner universities abroad. Whether Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Paris, New Zealand or Madrid – the whole world is open to you when you choose to study abroad! And that will be at a top university. In China, for example, all of our partner universities are in the top 100 of nearly 3,000 universities in the country.

Click here for an overview of our partner universities: External link opens in a new window:Partner Universities Database. Under study programme select "International Business Administration":

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Internship semester abroad

In the 6th semester you will complete your internship abroad. Only by working in a foreign company or in the foreign branch of a German company will you gain the necessary practical experience in an international context. This internship will often lead to your first job offer. Students usually organize their internships themselves drawing on our comprehensive database of well over 100 company contacts.

Thesis semester

In the 7th semester, our students write their thesis and are usually only back at HFU for a few days. This means that in the 7th semester our students have a great deal of flexibility as to where to write their thesis – in a company, or even abroad, perhaps in a different country of your choice.

Double degree

Internationality (I26933-1)

IBW Double Degree

In addition you can earn a regular degree from selected partner universities in France, Spain and Latin America by adding just one more semester of study abroad.

Upon successful completion of your studies, you will then be awarded degrees from both universities. This additional degree will be a great advantage to you if you are planning a career abroad in the future.