What happens after you graduate from IBW?

Career perspectives (I20971-1)

After graduating from IBW you will not only hold a recognized academic degree in your hands, you will also have the theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the soft skills required to assume a position of responsibility in the global workplace. Our graduates start their careers both directly abroad and with domestic companies with a strong international focus.

Or you can use your bachelor's degree as a ticket to an advanced master's programme.

There are many exciting career paths for our graduates, for example as a Financial Analyst in Zurich, Key Account Manager in Mexico City, Chief Purchasing Officer in Toulouse or Marketing Manager at an automotive manufacturer in Germany. Some of our graduates have also realized their dream of starting their own company.

Become part of the alumni network!

You can become part of the Alumni Network while you are still a student and profit from valuable contacts with graduates. This will give you further internship options during your programme and it could help you get started on a successful career!