Medical engineering programme: a combination of medicine and the natural sciences

Details of the bachelor's programme

The Industrial MedTec medical engineering programme on the University Campus Tuttlingen focuses on the development and manufacture of surgical instruments and complex medical devices. Both engineering and medical know-how are necessary to enable you to successfully develop healthcare innovations and help people as an engineer when you graduate.

The 7-semester bachelor's programme focuses on cooperation with industry. From the first to the last semester, you will be inspired through field trips, visits to hospitals and through talks by specialists on the Tuttlingen Campus. A highlight is the "Sectio Chirurgica" lecture, transmitted during standard operations from Tübingen and discussed together with a doctor. An internship is carried out in the 4th semester.

The Industrial MedTec programme trains specialists, is workplace-relevant and offers current course content and direct contact to over 100 leading companies - many in the field of medical engineering. The Tuttlingen Campus has strong links with business and industry. So as a student you have the chance to get your foot in the door early to secure a highly sought-after job in industry, as the chances of being hired by one of these companies after graduation are excellent.

Industrial MedTec – a programme powered by industry

On the University Campus Tuttlingen you will be studying in cooperation with over 100 companies. The medical engineering programme is therefore workplace relevant, offering excellent perspectives:

  • Introduction to medical engineering through trips to companies
  • Practicals in the labs of the Faculty of Industrial Technologies
  • Practicals in the labs of cooperating companies
  • Project work in cooperation with companies
  • Lecture series with experts from business
  • Mentoring by specialists and managers from industry

Degree awarded

After completing your bachelor's thesis in the 7th semester, you will be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Industrial MedTec (B.Sc.).

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Solid grounding in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering
  • Ability to design and construct medical technology products and components using CAD programming using various production methods
  • Ability to develop medical technology products applying knowledge of materials and mechanics
  • Ability to plan and control medical engineering processes and devices taking human biological factors into consideration

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Goal-oriented, interdisciplinary thinking
  • Ability to work independently and take responsibility
  • Ability to present oneself and ones work in a confident manner
  • Proficiency in foreign languages
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Reflective behaviour and teamworking skills
  • Cost-oriented thinking and behaviour