Engineering basics plus specialization

The Industrial Manufacturing degree programme provides you with a broad basic knowledge of mechanical engineering. The curriculum is industry-driven so the specialist areas of production processes and machine tools dealt with in later semesters are partially based on the requirements of the Tuttlingen industrial firms. It is also oriented towards the needs of other fields such as the automotive, medical technology, environmental technology and air and space engineering sectors.

The Industrial Manufacturing programme combines the disciplines of production engineering, moulding technology, machining and machine tools. The focus lies on production engineering, precision engineering and materials technology, particularly new materials and processing techniques.

Our graduates mainly follow careers in the planning, development and application of production machinery and the automation of process procedures.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Solid grounding in principles of mathematics, natural science and engineering
  • Ability to design and construct components and assembly groups using CAD programs paying particular attention to production processes and their mechanical requirements
  • Ability to develop products and machines using knowledge of materials technology and possible production processes
  • Ability to plan and control production processes taking account of automation components
  • Understanding of quality in mass and customized production and ability to evaluate flaws


Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Goal-oriented, interdisciplinary thinking
  • Self-directed learning accepting responsibility for individual actions
  • Confident manner and presentation skills
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Reflective interpersonal and teamworking skills
  • Cost-conscious attitude and working methods