Engineering basics plus specialization

The mechatronics programme provides you with a broad basic knowledge of mechanical engineering, in particular a combination of computer science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Specialization in later semesters makes future interdisciplinary work possible. The programme places a particular focus on systems integration and industrial communications engineering.

Focus areas in the programme are automation technology, drive technology, sensors and digital technology and robotics.

Our graduates are mainly employed in the development of mechatronic systems and the design and implementation of automation solutions.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Solid grounding in principles of mathematics, natural science and engineering
  • Ability to design and construct mechatronic products using computer-assisted development tools taking possible production processes into consideration
  • Ability to develop mechatronic products using knowledge of mechanics, electromechanics, electronics, and signal and data processing
  • Ability to plan and implement the control of complex mechatronic components and systems taking the possibilities of modern automation techology into consideration

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Goal-oriented, interdisciplinary thinking
  • Self-directed learning
  • Confident manner and presentation skills
  • Proficiency in foreign languages
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Reflective interpersonal and teamworking skills
  • Cost-conscious attitude and working methods