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Executive MBA international

The Executive MBA is truly international. An international outlook is at the centre of all teaching content. All classes are held in English. And of course we use innovative, current international literature and standard English texts.

Program participants from many different countries add value to the Executive MBA, particularly as they bring their personal and work experience from their native countries. Students from more than 20 countries and 4 continents have taken part in the program so far. In this way, cultural diversity, which is also part of the curriculum, becomes an intense personal experience. Most participants work in an international environment and profit from this atmosphere.

Integral to the Executive MBA program are two one-week modules abroad at top international universities. These are some of the absolute highlights of the program. One module takes place at the top Chinese university, JiaoTong in Shanghai, giving an insight into Chinese economy and culture. The second trip to the reknowned University of Málaga focuses on Europe. A business simulation carried out in mixed international teams takes place over the space of several days.

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