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The tuition fees for the Executive MBA Program are €4,500 per semester, in total €18,000, plus administration fees which currently total €130 per semester. The tuition fees for the Management Essentials for Professionals are €7,000.

Introduction of an Excellence Scholarship

As a leading German business school, HFU is investing in the future by enabling the most academically talented students to receive a top-quality business education. HFU‘s Executive MBA scholarship program helps make your goal of an international business career a reality. 

We honor outstanding performance of our highly motivated and most talented students by offering scholarships.  Up to two students who have gained excellent grades in their first, second or third Executive MBA semester will automatically be considered for a scholarship of € 2.000 for the next upcoming semester, reducing the tuition fee to € 2,630 each for the next semester.

The English-language program with a focus on general management provides practical and practice-oriented knowledge and is the ideal career kick. HFU will award up to two partial scholarships for the participants of the program launch in March 2022; application deadline is January 15, 2022.

The program particularly strengthens interdisciplinary and intercultural knowledge and experience. This aspect is of outstanding importance, especially for export-oriented economies. Therefore, the Executive MBA also includes two one-week stays abroad, with a focus on China and one in Europe. The program ends with the internationally recognized title Master of Business Administration (MBA) and supports qualified employees on their further career path.

The small group size of maximum 15 participants allows enough flexibility to both customize the course and to plan in the long-term making it also ideal for candidates preparing to return to work after maternity leave. The on-campus days of Friday and Saturday, usually twice a month during the semester, as well as 2 modules abroad of one week each can be easily integrated into existing schedules. The program stands out from the crowd because of its on-the-job relevance, providing the ideal tools for a professional development.

The Executive MBA program is offered on Campus Schwenningen and is accredited through the university system accreditation.

Type of promotion

The HFU Business School will award up to two partial excellence scholarships for the second, third and fourth semester of the 2022 part-time Executive MBA Program; this covers up to one third of the tuition fees.

The Executive MBA partial excellence scholarships will be offset against the tuition fees over the relevant semesters of the Executive MBA program at the HFU Business School.


Requirements for the Executive MBA scholarship

  • Excellence grades in the Executive MBA program


The qualification for an Excellence Scholarship is only possible within the Executive MBA program of HFU Business School with excellent results in the previous semester.

Program Director Regina Feketics will answer questions about the partial Excellence Scholarships and the Executive MBA program by phone +49 7720 / 307-4315 or by e-mail:

Application deadline for the Executive MBA program is January 15, 2022.

Further information

Funding categories: Tuition fees
Target group: Academically outstanding Executive MBA students
Relevant professional background: All areas 
Gender: All


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HFU EMBA is a program which encompasses up-to-date content, systematic module structure, international orientation, and an interactive teaching and learning environment, which also enables you to enjoy your EMBA journey besides your daily business. If you are looking for a real added value through an EMBA program, it is worth considering this program.
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