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Details of programme

During the three-semester programme, you will take courses from the specialist areas of Software Engineering and Distributed Systems, as well as other modules and elective. In the third semester you write your master's thesis. You have the opportunity to start carrying out research in the areas of Cloud Computing, IT security, Software Engineering and Technologies for Big Data Applications almost right away. The practical focus and variety of electives possible allow you to individually customize your degree programme to your interests.

Software Engineering

An in-depth knowledge of planning, analysis and design of complex software systems will enable you to continually improve the performance of company IT. You will learn how to systematically select suitable development processes in order to successfully develop complex software systems.

Distributed systems

You will gain a deeper understanding of and experience in the area of components and middleware technologies in order to specify the characteristic features of distributed systems, and then design and realize such systems. During the programme you will learn how to design modern event-driven software systems and how you can also gain information from very large volumes of data with the help of big data tools and methods.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Design and implementation of architectures
  • Planning and realization of complex distributed systems
  • Development of migration strategies, integration of legacy systems
  • Development of solutions for continual improvement of company IT efficiency

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Scientific methods, information collation, processing and documentation
  • Critical evaluation of relevance of scientific questions and development of solution strategies
  • Teamworking, presentation skills, project and work management

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Technical analysis and independent assessment of feasibility of IT projects
  • Corporate consulting
  • Technical project management