Semester abroad

International cooperation in the area of Computer Science / Information Systems

Getting to know new cultures and improving your foreign languages are just two of the ways that you will profit from a from a semester abroad during your study programme.

Upon approval of the Faculty Examination Board, the 6th semester can be taken abroad. Credits gained at a partner university have to be similar in content and workload to the modules of the 6th semester. Please inform yourself in plenty of time using the following Guidelines.

Detailed information about planning, procedure and accreditation for the semester abroad and all necessary forms can be found on the Faculty pages.  

Professor Achim Karduck, the coordinator for the Faculty, is happy to help you with planning any questions you have. The International Center will also support you in the planning process and will inform you about exchange and scholarship programmes.

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Feedback reports

Michael Zipperle about South Korea

Semester abroad in South Korea

"The semester abroad at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) was the best part of my degree. KAIST offers interesting courses in current areas of Computer Science. I got to know people from all over the world. Although South Korea is a very small country, there are so many things to do in your free time, such as hiking, skiiing and visiting different cities..."

Dmitri Sorokine about Edinburgh (Scotland)

Semester abroad in Scotland

"The semester abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland was definitely the most eventful semester of my degree programme at HFU. I'm happy I had the opportunity to study at Napier University and can highly recommend it to anyone!"

Philip Gerold about Australia

Semester abroad in Australia

"My semester abroad at Murdoch University in Australia was one of the most exciting experiences of my time at university. It left a big impression which is still with me today. The decision to go abroad developed me more personally and taught me more than any other semester."