Study Plus Computer Science (I11366)

Study Plus Computer Science

A unique combination of Computer Science degree and vocational training

The Study Plus Computer Science programme enables students to combine a Computer Science degree and vocational training in just 4 and a half years. With Study Plus you get two professional qualifications in one: a Bachelor of Science degree in Internal link opens in the same window:Computer Science and the MATSE (vocational training as a Mathematical-engineering Software Developer). The MATSE vocational training course has been run at the Donaueschingen Schools of Home Economics and Business (KHS) since 2019/20. In the Study Plus model, the Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University cooperates with the KHS and various companies in the region. A list of our cooperation partners can be found below.

  • Further information can be found in our Download file:flyer
  • We offer personal counselling and discussions with students from the Studium Plus model as part of the information events on the Studium Plus model

Good reasons for taking the Study Plus programme

  • Optimal combination of theory and practice
  • Financing of the study by work contract or student work contract
  • Bachelor and IHK qualification in only 4.5 years
  • Computer Science degree at a prestigious university and faculty with top rankings
  • Strong relationship with training company during study
  • Excellent job opportunities

Programme structure

The Study Plus course takes 9 semesters. Half of the first four semesters is spent learning theory (at university and vocational school) and half on practical training in a company. The qualification examination is taken at the Chamber of Commerce after only two years. This is followed by five semesters at Furtwangen University, where you will most likely take the Robotics and Autonomous Systems specialization. The practical study semester and the bachelor's thesis are carried out at the training company.

Curriculum and learning outcomes

Study Plus Computer Science is a cooperative degree programme with integrated vocational training making it possible to gain two qualifications simultaneously: a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and the  Mathematical Software Developer qualification awarded by the Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to the high degree of practical content, the Study Plus programme is not only an academic qualification, it also ensures that graduates are ready to work right away.

Download: Download file:Study Plus Computer Science flyer

Contact details

Programme content at foundation level (SPO Version 11)

Module structure foundation level Studium Plus Computer Science

Step-by-step to Study Plus
  1. Organise a training contract for MATSE with a cooperating company.
  2. Apply for a study place in Computer Science at Furtwangen University (with the so-called specialisation "Study Plus") by 15 July at latest. The online application is carried out over the DoSV-Bewerbungsportal.
Excellent future perspectives

This combined qualification is the perfect combination of theory and practice. Besides gaining a top quality academic qualification, you will also gain deeper insights into company practice right from the start. With the double qualification, you have outstanding job opportunities and excellent career perspectives.