Graduate Testimonials

Dominik Jung

Besides the theory we learn as a student at the Faculty of Computer Science at HFU, I also found the strong emphasis on teamwork and soft skills especially good. Right at the start of the first semester we were divided up into groups of 8 and each group was given a small software project to carry out. The aim was not for the groups to complete the (for first semester students rather demanding) task perfectly, but rather for the group of students who didn't know each other well, to form a unit to work together and grow. In this way we became friends, achieved our goals and it formed an important basis for academic success and our later working life, where nowadays teamwork is essential.

Bachelor of Computer Science graduate, 2016

Perihan Özacar

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Product Management Connected Car Service Realization & Integration / Research & Development, Daimler AG

"The reason why the Software Product Management programme is so exciting is because you learn about two completely different worlds and become the interface between them. What I found especially good was the high level of practical work, as well as the supervision in small groups. The campus is quite colourful, edgy and full of life. At the University you develop team spirit and good relationships. As a result you have a friendly atmosphere and that's what makes Furtwangen a special place to study. We are very well-equipped to deal with the new things to come. It's up to us to make the best of it."

Software Product Management graduate, 2015

Uwe Siegwart

Team leader IT at Schlote-Gruppe

The time I spent at university studying to be a software product manager was time well spent and helped me develop as a person, too. What really helped me when I started working was the practical nature of the course content, the challenging semester projects, the professors and lecturers who really knew their stuff and the interesting practical modules. The Furtwangen University slogan "Reach new heights" is something which actually applies every day there. What's more the teaching and learning atmosphere on campus is very pleasant and the wide range of possibilities available mean you can be encouraged and challenged on an individual basis. But in the end, what you get out of something always depends on what you put in yourself.

Software Product Management graduate, 2015

Maren Rau

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Requirements Engineering
E/E Project Management and Integration/Research & Development (RD/EIP), Daimler AG

A friend recommended the Software Product Management programme at Furtwangen University to me. I applied, was accepted, I started, studies and graduated - today Furtwangen is a part of me. What I remember most is the friendly atmosphere.

The programme at the Faculty of Computer Science is an excellent basis for working in the business world. Translators are often needed at the interface between IT and management - that's what the Software Product Management programme trains you to do. I experience every day how important this mutual understanding, especially in Requirements Engineering, is. The complexity in vehicle development is constantly increasing, the cars of tomorrow are full of soft and hardware. That's why skilled computer science graduates are highly sought after in the automotive industry, too.

Software Product Management graduate, 2014