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Graduate Testimonials

Dominik Jung

Besides the theory we learn as a student at the Faculty of Computer Science at HFU, I also found the strong emphasis on teamwork and soft skills especially good. Right at the start of the first semester we were divided up into groups of 8 and each group was given a small software project to carry out. The aim was not for the groups to complete the (for first semester students rather demanding) task perfectly, but rather for the group of students who didn't know each other well, to form a unit to work together and grow. In this way we became friends, achieved our goals and it formed an important basis for academic success and our later working life, where nowadays teamwork is essential.

Bachelor of Computer Science graduate, 2016

Michael Goldschmidt

Graduate testimonials (I20879-1)

Lead Developer,
doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH
–  our partner in the Industrial Council

In retrospect the Computer Networking degree I completed in 2007 was the best choice for me for my everyday work in 2018 in the areas of digitalization, cloud computing and big data. Even back then, HFU was ahead of its time, teaching the topics of the future. The wide range of very different courses in my degree programme at HFU gave me a good basis for starting my career. Besides soft skills and technical know-how, we were also taught management skills and academic writing skills. It was exactly this mix along with exciting future-oriented topics which formed the perfect basis for professional development in my later work life and enabled me to work effectively on a range of different customer projects.

Computer Networking graduate 2007
Now Networking and IT Security specialization in Computer Science programme