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Computer Science Bachelor (I2030)

Computer Science

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science with 3 areas of specialization and Study Plus

Apply now!Combine a Computer Science degree with vocational training=Study Plus. Apply now with our partner companies! More information about Internal link opens in the same window:Study Plus Computer Science

Job seeks Computer Scientist

Have you ever taught a robot how to do Tai Chi? Or crashed or cracked passwords for a smartphone as a white hat hacker to make the systems safer? Well, you'll learn that and lots more. Whether you are planning a career in software development, will be responsible for the security of IT systems or control autonomous robots - with a computer science degree you will have the best possible preparation for the digital future.

The focus of your computer science degree is on software engineering, programming, mathematics, algorithms and data structures, databanks, autonomous systems, operating systems and software quality.

The Bachelor in Computer Science programme in Furtwangen is a success story going back almost 50 years. What makes this programme stand out from the crowd is its innovative programme structure. During your foundation studies all students take the same courses. In the 3rd semester you select one of three areas of specialization: Software Engineering, Networks and IT Security or Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Your advantage: you are introduced to all three subjects during your basic studies, then you decide which of these three areas of interest you would like to specialize in.

Brand new: in the Study Plus model you can combine vocational training with a computer science degree in a unique way.

Software Engineering specialization

Would you like to develop new computer science systems and realize your ideas in a creative way? Understand the process of software development as an entire system. Modern software technologies form the basis of your degree programme in order for you to design, model and realize complex IT systems.

Networks and IT Security specialization

Do you want to play a role in shaping the networked world and making it more secure? The networking of computer systems offers both opportunities and risks which you will learn to recognize and control. This programme, with its focus on computer networks and IT security management, will make you an IT security expert.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Are you interested in the futuristic topics of robotics and autonomous systems? Technical systems such as autonomous driving, intelligent robots and networked production systems rely on computer science which increasingly use artificial intelligence.

Computer Science degree + vocational training qualification = Study Plus Computer Science

In this cooperative degree programme you gain 2 qualifications in 1: a degree in Computer Science and vocational training as a Mathematical Software Developer (MATSE). The close linking of academic and workplace learning provides the optimal combination of theory and practice. For further details about application, course content and our partner companies can be found on our Internal link opens in the same window:Study Plus page.

Programme overview, course content and study SUPPORT

All further information about the course structure and schedule can be found under the relevant area of specialisation under the green "At a glance" buttons below. Find out more about our faculty and the other computer science degrees we offer, as well as the professors and staff in our Faculty team, on the Internal link opens in the same window:Faculty pages.

Who can help you if you have any questions about the programme?

Direct contact to students:

Our students answer all your questions about the study programme by Whatsapp or Telegram (or by telephone). You can reach our student ambassadors Max, Pascal, Evelin or Egor between 8.00am and 5.00pm. Contact: 0173 563 3760

Study support:

Cornelia Kellermann

The Dean of Studies can answer detailed questions about the curriculum:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Betermieux


  • ECTS 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration 7 Semesters
  • Campus Furtwangen Campus
  • Faculty Computer Science
  • Programme begins Winter semester (October), Summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline 31 July (winter semester 2021/22), 15 January (summer semester)
  • Entry requirements University entrance qualification
  • Teaching Language German
  • Accreditation Yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)

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