Semester abroad

Get to know new people, countries and cultures during your course

International cooperation
Visit from our partners from the distinguished Bejing Institute of Technology in China

Over 130 partner universities worldwide - China, New Zealand, Australia Scotland, USA, Canada and many more

Study for one semester at a partner university

  • A semester abroad allows WNB students to deepen and further develop their knowledge and experience of work in international teams.
  • With over 130 partner universities worldwide, WNB students have the opportunity to study for one semester in China: Shanghai or Beijjing, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Spain, Brazil, and many more.
  • Students who have taken a semester abroad very often describe this experience as one of the most important and exciting in their whole study time - something quite special which they will never forget.

Do an internship semester or thesis abroad

  • It is also possible for you to do your internship semester or your thesis abroad. Students have done this for example in the USA, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Great Britain (London) and China (Shanghai).

  • Do your internship semester in Brazil and then your thesis in a company in Singapore? Yes, with WNB you can do it!

And how do I organize a semester abroad?

  • You are studying WNB at HFU and want to spend a study semester or internship semester abroad? First you will have to read the information in our orientierung plan.
  • Detailed initial information can be found at the International Center.
  • As soon as you have an idea which university abroad you would like to go to and what courses you would like to take there, make an appointment with the International Coordinator of the Faculty of Business Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hess (see contact below).
  • During this meeting you will decide what are the best courses to take and which courses can be accredited.

Do I lose a semester?

  • No, the study and examinations regulations of WNB are set up so that you are accredited with a whole semester of your degree programme.

With a semester abroad you can only win - personally and professionally!