WNB graduates work in these positions today

Online Marketing - Management - Recruiting - Business Process Management - Software Development - Controlling - Team Leadership - Project Management - HR Management - Senior Consulting - Systems Management - SAP Consulting - Online Marketing Consulting - Product Management - Account Management - Quality Management - Business Consulting - IT Consulting - General Management - Data Analysis

Our WNB graduates work in these positions

Job prospects and career paths

Career pathways

The following career pathways are open to Business Information Systems graduates:

  • Analysis of problems and identification of opportunities
  • Design of application systems for networked businesses
  • Implementation of solutions using standard software systems
  • Management of consulting assignments and leadership of project teams
  • User support and training during introduction and use of supporting information systems
  • Consulting of clients and managment in IT questions

CHE Ranking 2017/2018 - top places

CHE Ranking 2017/2018
CHE Ranking 2017/2018

CHE Ranking 2017/2018


In the Germany-wide CHE Ranking of 2017/2018 the two bachelor programmes offered by the Faculty of Business Information Systems, Business Information Systems (WIB) and Business Networking (WNB) were given top rankings (green) in all of the following categories: