Begin your programme creatively

The personal Vision Board - Self-management lecture

Starting your programme is an exciting new step in your life which requires you to make decisions about the path you want to take. In the Self-management lecture every student develops her own ideas on how to do this. A creative way to do this is with a personal "vision or inspiration board".

  • What ideas, people and goals inspire me for my programme and for my life?
  • Is there something I would like to do during my degree programme?
  • How can I make my wishes and plans doable and then achieve them?
  • The personal Vision Board is a creative way to clarify what is important for the future.

... and how does it continue?

Student with mentor
Mentor programme

Business Networking e-business student with mentor

  • Mentor programmes (exclusively for WNB students)
    • To gain initial insights into the world of employment, every student is assigned a mentor from industry during the 3rd semester of studies.
  • Personal development plan (exclusively for WNB students)
    • Support and counselling in personal career planning with a customized development plan
  • XING Group  (exclusively for WNB students & WNB graduates)
    • Our students and graduates can join a group on XING (for business professionals). Many of our students receive enquiries and offers from companies for jobs, internship semester places and thesis work over this platform. In addition students can "network" with each other as well as with successful graduates and with companies.
  • Role Model
    • Successful WNB graduates who work in business regularly visit Furtwangen to talk with students about their experiences and to offer career advice.
  • Teamwork
    • Development of teamwork and other social skills during outdoor and teambuilding events at the start of the programme
  • Notebook clinic
    • A team of student assistants from the Faculty are available to help with any questions or problems with PCs or laptops.
  • Notebook lending
    • Students who do not own a laptop or who have a problem with their laptop can borrow one.
  • Tutors/student assistants
    • In many lectures where practical exercises are carried out, tutors are available to help you to apply your new knowledge
    • It is also possible to work for the Faculty as a student assistant. Speak to your professors about positions available.
  • SAP TERP10 certificaton
    • We offer our students the opportunity to do the SAP TERP10 certification.

Community involvement

Under the supervision of Prof. Pavel Rawe, in January 2016 students of the Business Networking eBusiness programme founded SharityOnline, a charitible organization which runs the portal. The board is made up mainly of students of the Faculty of Business Information Systems. is a portal, which links organizations, their projects and volunteer helpers. Charitable organizations can register online, listing what they need with regard to helpers or goods. Thus volunteer helpers can quickly see what kind of help is needed and where. Over 27 organizations and 650 volunteers have registered with was originally founded to help refugees with social integration in Germany, e.g. by organizing German lessons offered by volunteers. Inspired by the exchange of ideas of those working for social organizations such as those from the town of St. Georgen, has developed further and is now aimed at a broader spectrum of social organizations and people who need support.

No fear of Bits and Bytes: Programming made easy

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