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Study programme for WOMEN, who want to achieve something

The possibilities of the internet are changing our lives and the world of business profoundly. However skilled experts who can help companies move into the digital age are hard to find. The Business Networking (E-business) programme provides the key qualifications necessary to enable companies and other organizations to compete successfully in the future and to move into new areas of business.

Under the slogan "Join uns!" the Business Networking (E-business) programme in the Faculty of Business Information provides the basis for women to work successfully in the field of e-business.

If you enjoy working with other people, including working abroad and are interested in E-business, then this is the right programme for you.

What can you expect on the Business Networking E-business (WNB) programme?

Who studies Business Networking (E-business) - WNB?

Prerequisite for the course is the university entrance qualification. The individual circumstances of applicants vary widely, e.g.

  • School leavers
  • Women who already have a vocational qualification and would like to do a degree
  • Women with children
Programme structure

---------- Foundation Studies ------------- Maths and Statistics, General Business Studies, Web Design and Introduction to E-business, Self-management, English, Introduction to Programming, Man-Computer-Interaction, E-business Business Process Design, Databanks, Financial Accounting and Controlling, Concepts of object-oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Scientific Methods and Moderation, E-business application systems --------- Internship Semester --------- (industrial internship semester under university supervision {optional abroad} --------- Advanced Studies ---------- Economics, Business Intelligence, E-shop Design, IT Management, Business Project, Compulsory Elective Module, E-business Project, Optional Semester Abroad, Bachelor's Thesis, Oral Examination ---------

Programme structure (starting winter semester 2016/17)

Fundamental principles:

The Business Networking (E-business) programme aims to teach the fundamentals of business information systems in 3 semesters by focusing on e-business in the areas of business studies, computer science and soft skills.

Practical application in companies and specialization:

In the 4th semester (internship semester) students put their theoretical knowledge into practice (e.g. in industrial companies or consulting companies) and start to work on their own areas of interest in which they would like to specialize in the 5th and 6th semesters at the University in electives and/or in a semester abroad.

The specializations we offer include:

  • Business Intelligence & Big Data
  • Logistics
  • E-marketing & e-tourism
  • Project management


The final assignment (thesis) is normally written in a company.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Fundamental theory and practice of business studies, e-business and computer science
  • E-business business models and planning of e-business solutions
  • Methods for the interfacing of specialist applications and computer science in the areas of software engineering and man-computer interaction
  • Business process management and logistics
  • Design and use of standard software systems (ERP systems)
  • Databank research and knowledge management 
  • E-tourism & marketing

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Ability to plan, carry out and manage business information systems projects
  • Presentation and moderation skills
  • Teamworking and interpersonal skills
  • Self-management skills and the ability to network with other IT professionals
  • Scientific methods enabling further academic study
  • Foreign language and intercultural awareness skills

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Specialist skills in planning, development and management of business information and communication systems
  • Expert knowledge of the analysis, planning and management of both company-internal and wider processes
  • Development of new business models and internet-based software solutions for the tourism sector
  • Online marketing and customer services
  • Entrepreneurial skills necessary to start own business in one of the above-mentioned areas


  • Business professional skills 3 ECTS (Jäger)
  • BWL2 – Corporate leadership 3 ECTS (Rawe)
    (for WNB)
  • Digitalization in Germany 3 ECTS (Ernst + Hecht)
  • The energy industry 3 ECTS (Heindl)
  • Event management 2 2 SWS (Kolb)
  • Green belt - practical introduction to SixSigma 3 ECTS (Issle + Mauderer)
  • Innovation which change the world 3 ECTS (Heindl)
  • Innovation management 3 ECTS (Stefanova)
  • Interactive web design withTYPO 3 (Brotz-Gora)
  • IT project management: real time simulation 6 ECTS (Born)
  • Methods and tools for data analysis 6 ECTS (Ziekow)
  • Mobility in rural universities (Baier)
  • Corporate finance 6 ECTS (Betz)