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What we offer

Why study Business Information Systems in Furtwangen?

The Business Information Systems programme has been around for 40 years already – and is constantly being developed further. It offers a tried and tested combination of Business Studies, Computer Science and Soft Skills. Because Business Information Systems is becoming increasingly international, some courses are also taught in English (part of the Business Communication course which also includes courses in soft skills). Business competences such as Innovation management and Business Finance Planning are also part of the curriculum.

Focus of curriculum

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A balanced combination of the principles of Computer Science, Business Studies and Business Information Systems

Our areas of specialisation in electives reflect current themes:

  • Business Intelligence and Data Science: intelligent data evaluation for the learning organisation
  • Logistics Process Management: design of business processes in logistics networks
  • Development of business applications: software development for information systems in businesses
  • eTourism and Marketing: business information systems for the tourism sector
  • Project management: agile organisation of teams


Further highlights


In two extensive projects in the 6th semester, teams of students apply the knowledge they have gained thus far to solve realistic problems, sometimes working together with companies.


Development of teamwork and other social skills during outdoor and teambuilding events at the start of the programme.


Notebook rentals

Students who do not own a laptop or who have a problem with their laptop can borrow one.

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Notebook clinic

A team of student assistants from the Faculty are available to help with any questions or problems with PCs or laptops.

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SAP TERP10 Certification

We offer our students the opportunity to do the External link opens in a new window:SAP TERP10 certification.

Tutors/student assistants
  • In many lectures where practical exercises are carried out, tutors are available to help you to apply your new knowledge.
  • It is also possible to work for the Faculty as a student assistant. Speak to your professors about positions available.
HFU Cooperative Trainee programme

Tip: During your Business Information Systems programme you would like to gain as much practical experience as possible in your future workplace? Or perhaps you are wondering how you will finance your university degree? Then the Internal link opens in the same window:HFU Cooperative Trainee programme may just be the answer – because it can be combined with your degree programme.