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What is Business Information Systems?

What is Business Information Systems? (I23279-1)

Business Information Systems is an interdisciplinary degree which combines business, IT, organisation and psychology. Besides technical know-how, analytical, communicative and design skills are also particularly important.

Goals of Business Information Systems

The aim of Business Information Systems is to replicate business and administrative tasks in companies and administrative authorities in the best possible way using modern information and communications systems. To do this, it is necessary to first understand economic relationships and business processes in order to be able to optimise and model work processes which can eventually be realised in technical solutions. So the focus is not on solving individual technical problems, but rather on the interrelationship of processes and their users. Human beings are thus central to Business Information Systems.

Because information and communications systems today are used in every area of business, Business Information Systems play a key role in the ability of companies and administrations to meet the demands of the future. Business Information Systems is therefore a central component of all competitive strategies.

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