Special programmes and services for our students

  • Excursions
    • e.g. to "Credit Suisse" in Zurich.
  • XING Group
    • XING Group We have a group on the XING platform (für Business Professionals) for our students and graduates. Many of our students receive enquiries and offers from companies for jobs, internships and thesis work over this platform. Students can also network with each other and with successful graduates and companies.
  • Teambuilding
    • Outdoor and teambuilding events at the start of the programme develop personal teambuilding and other soft skills.
  • Notebook clinic
    • A team of student assistants are available to answer any questions and help with any problems you may have with your PC or laptop.
  • Notebook rental
    • Students who do not have their own devices or have a temporary problem with one, can borrow a laptop from us.
  • Tutors/student assistants
    • Tutors are often available to help in lectures where practical exercises have to be carried out.
    • You may also be able to work as a student assistant for the Faculty. Just ask your professors about it.
  • SAP TERP10 Certification
    • Our students can take the SAP TERP10 certification with us.

Don't be afraid of Bits and Bytes: programming made easy

Programming  as a "foreign language" - PaF: the free online module of the Faculty of Business Information Systems, Furtwangen.