Programme counselling

Before you start studying

You'll find the answers to any questions you have before you start studying here.

  • How is the WIB programme structured?
  • What is the exact programme content?
  • Programme counselling
    • We are happy to provide personal counselling on any questions you have about the WIB programme.
    • Simply call us or send an email. In our Faculty we take the time to talk to you.
      • Telephone: 07723 920-2931
      • Email: SDek-WIB(at)
      • We are located on the 2nd floor of the I Building of Furtwangen University, Furtwangen Campus:

        Unterallmendstraße 21
        78120 Furtwangen
        Longitude: 48.049696
                Latitude 8.210789

Try-out lectures

Would you like to find out more about Business Information Systems? Then make an appointment to try out some lectures:

Frau Annette Peuse-Rink M.A.

07723 920-2391
Furtwangen Campus, Room I 2.22

After you start studying

We offer first-class, personal counselling for the Business Information Systems bachelor's programme.

Do you have any questions:

Dean of Studies