Demand in the business world

The application architect already plays a crucial role in mid-sized and large industrial projects and the demand for specialists with a broad-based theoretical and practical knowledge of current technical approaches is continually growing. However, there is currently a dearth of suitably-trained graduates on the market who can take on the demanding and complex responsibilities of an IT architect, so career prospects are very attractive.

Job description

As a graduate of the Business Application Architectures master's programme, you will be able to apply theory and current technical solutions flexibly within projects thanks to a high degree of systematic thinking. You are qualified to work as an architect in software and systems design. As a junior architect you will be able to design applications of moderate complexity or work with senior architects to develop large-scale systems. With several years of professional experience, you will then be ready to take on the responsibility of independently designing large-scale application systems.

Employment opportunities are to be found in software companies that develop individual applications, in industry, in commercial businesses, or in the service industry where the main focus will be on the networking and integration of existing and new applications.