The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering has well-equipped labs where our students can put theory into practice throughout the course of their degree.

Physics Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Experiments in the area of mechanics, optics and thermodynamics
  • Practical experience with measurement equipment and methods
  • Teaching and practice of error analysis methods

Lab Equipment

  • Grating spectrometer
  • Prism spectrometer
  • Spectral lamp 
  • Diode laser with single and double layer and grating
  • Optical benches with lenses
  • Pohl's wheel (rotating pendulum)
  • Spring pendulum
  • Wave tank
  • Temperature and pressure measurement instruments
  • Thermal house
  • Instruments to measure thermal expansion
  • Digital multimeter measuring instruments
  • PCs with special measurement programmes

Electrical Engineering Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Learn how to use various standard measuring devices such as analogue and digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and measuring devices for special physical dimensions
  • Carry out current and voltage measurements, resistance measurements, temperature measurements and measurements of properties of fluctuating signals
  • Work out the characteristic curves of passive/active components and sources of current, such as mains supply and solar modules

Lab Equipment

  • Analogue and digital lab mains power supply equipment
  • Analogue and digital multimeter measurement equipment
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Frequency generator
  • Variable and isolation transformers
  • Temperature measurement facilities
  • PCs with software for test evaluation
  • Laser printer


Purpose of Lab

  • Learn CAD technology
  • Carry out design tasks
  • Visualize and check design results
  • Manufacture CAD models
  • Carry out project work

Lab Equipment


  • 8 high-performance workstations
  • HP Designjet Z 2100 Photo DIN-A0 plotter
  • 3D Dimension bst 768 plotter
  • 3D Objet 30 printer


  • CAD programmes: ProEngineer and SolidWorks
  • FEM programmes: ANSYS, SolidWorks Simulation, ProMechanica

Media Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Introduction to computer-assisted video editing
  • AV production for service communication

Lab Equipment

There are many high-quality devices available for the individual steps in the production process:


  • 4 Sony 3-Chip SD/HDcamcorders incl. tripod, wireless microphone and microphone boom
  • 1 complete set of lights
  • 2 mobile recording devices

Post production:

  • 12 27" iMac workstations with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creativ Suite Design Premium software packages
  • 1 Mac Pro workstation with 24" HD broadcast monitor and nearfield monitor loudspeakers
  • 1 Editshare media server for the central management of raw material


  • HD data projector
  • 42" LCD television
  • HD mediaplayer

Usability Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Usability engineering and eye tracking
  • Overview of drafting and evaluation methods
  • Practical experience in heuristic evaluation

Lab Equipment

Stationary Usability Lab
The stationary usability lab consists of a test room and a control room. From the control room test runs can be observed and recorded from various perspectives. The test run can be projected for larger audiences in HD quality. Usability tests of technical documents in paper form, device controls or prototypes are recorded using modern camera and sound recording equipment.

Control room:

  • Complete image and sound control in HD quality, recording in H.264 HD format on iMac 27"
  • HD data projector live projection of camera recordings

Testing room:

  • 3 remote-controlled HD camera systems
  • Lounge area for discussions and interviews

Mobile Usability Lab
A mobile usability lab is also available in order to evaluate a product with test persons in the normal environment. The mobile equipment for the recordings can be quickly and flexibly set up.

  • HD camera on an overhead tripod
  • HD camera on a tripod
  • Complete image and sound control in HD quality with a mobile Sony anycast station

Eye Tracking and Screen Recording
In order to record screen content, we have an eye tracker which records eye movements, as well as extensive screen recording software. The Tobii mobile eye tracking glasses is a portable eye tracking system. This makes it possible to carry out usability tests in a realistic environment.

  • Tobii T60 XL eye tracking station
  • Tobii eye tracking glasses (Tobii Glasses)
  • Techsmith Morae screen recording software

Service Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Support teaching in Service Management Bachelor programme
  • Carry out project work*
  • Carry out thesis work*
  • Carry out research*

Lab Equipment

  • SMART Factory | Flexible production plant with PLC control
  • Additive spare parts manufacture | 3D scan and 3D print Ultimaker 3 Extended
  • Siedle® Service Operation | video door intercom system
  • Motronics testing panel
  • Heavy vehicles electronics diagnosis | CAN/LIN bus system
  • Immersive technologies | AR + VR in technical service
    • MS Hololenses
    • HTC Vive
    • Oculus Rift
  • Hybrid workstation | UR5 lightweight construction robot
  • Industrial robot | Yaskawa Motoman MH 24 
  • Automated quality control | Luminax
  • Robotics simulation environment
  • Robots for remote maintenance environment
  • "Rosca" scara robot
  • Force-torque sensor for industrial robots
  • Various sensor grippers für Leichtbauroboter
  • 3D laser scanner and 3D camera
  • Gesture and hand recognition sensors
  • Interactive smartboard
  • Conference room

Business Simulation Game


In this practical, interactive class, in small teams you will learn to lead a business by planning, making decisions and analyzing business results. In doing so several teams represent various companies competing for customers and market share. The business game involves production companies which market technical products and services which are becoming more international and expanding in the area of system solutions. This is currently typical of many businesses.

The class is carried out with a demanding, computer-based business simulation game. The simulation produces a realistic model of a mid-sized company and gives the players fast, risk-free, practical experience with a long-term learning effect.

The participants strengthen the following skills during the game:

  • Wide-ranging experience of business interactions
  • Setting and fulfillment of goals and strategies in a dynamic, competitive environment
  • Understanding of business "figures" and their implementation in practical decision-making
  • Application of tools for cost and efficiency calculation (e.g. product calculation),
  • Ability to make complex decisions in uncertain situations
  • Learning the framework for business success
  • Making decisions in a team
  • Problem-structuring and solving