The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering has well-equipped labs where our students can put theory into practice throughout the course of their degree.

Technology Lab

Mainly independent execution of experiments/tasks in small groups in a wide variety of engineering areas, such as:

  • Control and automation technology, measurement technology
  • Electrical Engineering/Electronics
  • Design/Mechanics
  • Lighting technology

Lab Equipment

The technology lab has 12 workstations which are equipped with the following standard equipment:

  • PC with Office programmes
  • 2 digital multimeters
  • 1 double mains connection
  • 1 digital oscilloscope

In addition to this standard equipment there are 2 soldering workstations, 3 programmable logic controllers and 1 industrial process and control board for practice with the necessary special programmes.

Connected to the Technology Lab are:

  • The CAD lab with 8 CAD workstations and the ProEngineer und SolidWorks CAD programmes in Room H 0.02
  • The CAM lab with 2 3D printers (Dimension BST, Ojet30pro) and a four-colour photo-plotter for A0 drawings and posters in Room H 0.10
  • A student workshop with a lathe, a column milling and boring machine, a bench drilling machine and a box column drill.


Purpose of Lab

  • Learn CAD technology
  • Carry out design tasks
  • Visualize and check design results
  • Manufacture CAD models
  • Carry out project work

Lab equipment


  • 8 high-performance workstations
  • HP Designjet Z 2100 Photo DIN-A0 plotter
  • 3D Dimension bst 768 plotter
  • 3D Objet 30 printer


  • CAD programmes: ProEngineer and SolidWorks
  • FEM programmes: ANSYS, SolidWorks Simulation, ProMechanica

Electrical Engineering Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Learn how to use various standard measuring devices such as analogue and digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and measuring devices for special physical dimensions
  • Carry out current and voltage measurements, resistance measurements, temperature measurements and measurements of properties of fluctuating signals
  • Work out the characteristic curves of passive/active components and sources of current, such as mains supply and solar modules

Lab Equipment

  • Analogue and digital lab mains power supply equipment
  • Analogue and digital multimeter measurement equipment
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Frequency generator
  • Variable and isolation transformers
  • Temperature measurement facilities
  • PCs with software for test evaluation
  • Laser printer

Physics Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Experiments in the area of mechanics, optics and thermodynamics
  • Practical experience with measurement equipment and methods
  • Teaching and practice of error analysis methods

Lab Equipment

  • Grating spectrometer
  • Prism spectrometer
  • Spectral lamp 
  • Diode laser with single and double layer and grating
  • Optical benches with lenses
  • Pohl's wheel (rotating pendulum)
  • Spring pendulum
  • Wave tank
  • Temperature and pressure measurement instruments
  • Thermal house
  • Instruments to measure thermal expansion
  • Digital multimeter measuring instruments
  • PCs with special measurement programmes