Details of Product Engineering programme

What is the syllabus of the Industrial Engineering - Product Engineering study programme?

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Foundation studies

If you study Product Engineering, you will complete your foundation studies together with students from the other industrial engineering programmes (Industrial Solutions Management and Marketing and Sales). Here you will learn basic skills of engineering, business administration, communication and foreign languages. After completing your foundation studies, you can also transfer to another industrial engineering programme at HFU.

Advanced studies

In your advanced studies, you will specialise in the field of Product Engineering.

You can also expect to carry out two projects in the 3rd and 5th semesters. Project studies are always carried out in groups and supervised by experienced professors. You will work on concrete assignments from the business world. The ability to work in a team and project management are key skills which are practised here.

In order to test and deepen your theoretical knowledge in practice, you will complete the 4th semester in a company.

What degree will I have after studying Business Administration and Engineering?

After studying Business Adminstration and Engineering - Product Engineering, you will have a Bachelor of Engineering degree. This gives you Internal link opens in the same window:varied career pathways.

How long does the Business Administration and Engineering programme take?

The programme lasts a total of 7 semesters.

For more information on the course syllabus, please refer to the Download file:Business Administration and Engineering - Product Engineering flyer.

Do I have to do a pre-study internship?

Ideally, you will have already completed a six-week pre-study internship prior to your undergraduate studies. However, you can also start your studies without a pre-study internship. In this case, the pre-study internship must be completed by the beginning of the advanced studies at latest.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Fundamentals of natural sciences, commerce and law
  • Knowledge of the complete product lifecycle with a focus on product development and product
  • Theory and practice of key skills (project management, planning techniques, presentation and moderation techniques, management skills)
  • Specialist knowledge of applied simulation and CA technology
  • Knowledge and application of project management and development management

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Basic proficiency in at least one foreign language
  • International experience (internship and/or study semester abroad
  • Teamworking and goal-oriented problem-solving
  • Planning and analytical skills necessary for all aspects of the product lifecycle
  • Communication skills

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Preparation for roles across industrial and service sectors, with specialization in the following areas:
    • Product management, particularly product development
    • Production, particularly production management
    • Sales of technical products, particularly those requiring intensive support

Further information

Further information on the Business Administration and Engineering - Product Engineering programme can be found in our Fakultäts-Kompass handbook. If you feel you want as much practical experience in the workplace as possible during your Product Engineering course to prepare you for your future career, or are thinking about the best way to finance your studies, our Cooperative Trainee Programme might be the answer as it can easily be combined with your degree programme.