Details of programme

Practically oriented and interdisciplinary

The main aim of the programme is the integration of practical, technical and business knowledge. Our graduates are generalists, not specialists. Key skills such as methodology, social and communication skills complete the programme. The Business Administration and Engineering - Product Engineering course provides specialized knowledge in the areas of product development, and product and technology management which can be applied across all industries. The combination of engineering, business and management know-how is what make our graduates stand out from the crowd.

Future-oriented and innovative

Projects, practicals and labs develop both theory and soft skills such as teamworking. Frequent and early contact with industry gives our students a clear picture of possible future career pathways and facilitates entry into the working world.

What are our students being prepared to do?

Complete mastery of the product lifecycle in companies - from the product idea, through development and manufacture, to sales, marketing and service. This is at the basis of all our Business Administration and Engineering study programmes. The foundation level courses are the same for all three bachelor's courses, providing a basis of technical, business, communication and foreign language know-how. The course is practical and project-oriented right from the start, with 1 internship semester and 2 projects built into the course. In order to put theory into practice and to deepen this knowledge, students carry out an internship in the 5th semester in a company. An 8-week pre-study internship should also be carried out before starting the degree programme. The projects in the 3rd and 4th semesters, carried out in teams and supervised by a professor, are real-life jobs from the business world. During the projects students also develop valuable teamworking and project management skills.

What will I learn on the Product Engineering course?

The aim of the Product Engineering course is to provide technical and business knowledge about the product lifecycle with particular focus in the area of development, testing and production. Students also develop other key skills such as project management, presentation techniques and rhetoric.

Graduates of the programme typically work in the areas of product management, production management and sales support.

Pre-study internship

Details of programme (I569-1)

Pre-study internship

  • Valid for all Bachelor study programmes of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering
  • Duration: 40 days (8 weeks), preferably completed before study begin
  • If it is not possible to complete internship before studies begin, it should be completed at latest by the start of lectures in the 3rd semester. It is possible to do this in two parts.

Mathematics bridging course

The mathematics bridging course is aimed at:

  • Students who have not done an advanced maths course at high school
  • Students whose knowledge of maths is weak
  • Mature students


  • Fractions
  • Conversion factors
  • Calculating with powers, roots and logarithms
  • Introduction to vector calculus
  • Solving equations and inequalities

Online maths test

With the online maths test you can check whether you are recommended to take the mathematics bridging course or not. The link to the test and other details are in the information sheet sent with the letter of acceptance.

Registration for the mathematics bridging course

Participants should register in the Faculty Office. Dates and email address are listed in the information sheet.

Dates, location and content

The bridging course takes place from Monday to Friday in the week before lectures begin. Check information sheet for details of date, building and room. Every day there will be 3 x 90 minute blocks with lectures and practical work.

  • Block 1: 9.00 - 10.30am
  • Block 2:10.45am - 12.15pm
  • Block 3: 1.00 - 3.30pm
Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Fundamentals of natural sciences, commerce and law
  • Knowledge of the complete product lifecycle with a focus on product development and product
  • Theory and practice of key skills (project management, planning techniques, presentation and moderation techniques, management skills)
  • Specialist knowledge of applied simulation and CA technology
  • Knowledge and application of project management and development management

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Basic proficiency in at least one foreign language
  • International experience (internship and/or study semester abroad
  • Teamworking and goal-oriented problem-solving
  • Planning and analytical skills necessary for all aspects of the product lifecycle
  • Communication skills

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Preparation for roles across industrial and service sectors, with specialization in the following areas:
    • Product management, particularly product development
    • Production, particularly production management
    • Sales of technical products, particularly those requiring intensive support

Further information

Further information on the Business Administration and Engineering - Product Engineering programme can be found in our Fakultäts-Kompass handbook.