Application process

For the Business Administration and Engineering – Product Engineering programme

Please note: Furtwangen University applications are now processed over the central "" platform. Applications must also be processed over the Furtwangen University website. Please see below for further details.

Important deadlines

  1. For the upcoming winter semester (lectures begin in October) you can apply immediately until 15 July.
  2. For the upcoming summer semester (lectures begin in March) you can apply between 15 October and 15 January.
  3. From the start of the 1st coordination phase on 16 July for the winter semester, you can receive offers at any time.
  4. If you receive an offer for your first choice of programme, you can accept it now and you will receive a Confirmation of Acceptance from the university. IMPORTANT: from this point on, you no longer participate in the application process in the application portal.
  5. Until the end of the decision phase (18 August for the winter semester) you can change the priority of your applications. This prioritization will affect the process.
  6. If you have received one or more offers before the start of the 2nd coordination phase, in winter semester from 19 August until 24 August, only the best offer will be kept. This can still be replaced by a more highly prioritized offer. If an offer for your first priority is already possible, you will automatically receive a Confirmation of Acceptance.
  7. If you have not been accepted by the end of the 2nd coordination phase, you will unfortunately receive a letter of refusal.
  8. Places which are still available are distributed through a so-called clearing process. You can participate in the clearing process if you did not previously take part in the coordination process. On please select the study programmes with which you would like to participate in the clearing process. You can apply for the 1st round of clearing for the winter semester from 30 August until 3 September. Places will be distributed on 4 September. The application phase for the 2nd round of clearing is from 23 to 28 September. The 2nd round of place distribution takes place on 29 September.