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Details of programme

Business Administration and Engineering graduates - the interface managers

The broad scope of the Business Administration and Engineering programmes, which integrate both business studies and engineering, as well as interdisciplinary skills, means graduates have an overview of complex relationships and can excel in a wide variety of roles across any business. The applied nature of the course allows students to develop key skills in areas such as teamworking, project management, planning techniques, presentation and moderation techniques, management techniques, leadership and knowledge of modern IT applications.

Mastery of the complete product process

Business Administration and Engineering graduates are highly proficient in all facets of the product process:

  • Technology watching (Is there new technology for our product?)
  • Market research (Is there customer demand which we can meet with our product or service?)
  • Evaluation (feasibility, costs, sales figures, distribution, profit margins)
  • Product development, production and quality assurance
  • Marketing (marketing, sales and customer service)

Gain international experience

During the course students can gain international experience in the form of an internship and/or an exchange semester at one of the over 130 HFU partner universities.

What are our students being prepared to do?

Complete mastery of the product lifecycle in companies - from the idea and its development, right up to the marketing of innovative products and services. This is at the basis of all our Business Administration and Engineering study programmes. The foundation level courses are the same for all three bachelor's courses, providing a basis of technical, business, communication and foreign language know-how. The course is practical and project-oriented right from the start, with 1 internship semester and 2 projects built into the course. In order to put theory into practice and to deepen this knowledge, students carry out an internship in the 5th semester in a company. An 8-week pre-study internship should also be carried out before starting the degree programme. The projects in the 3rd and 4th semesters, carried out in teams and supervised by a professor, are real-life jobs from the business world. During the projects students also develop valuable teamworking and project management skills.

What will I learn on the Marketing and Sales programme?

Product management in industry begins with technology watching ("Is there new technology for our product?“) and market research ( "Are there new customer needs which we can meet with new products or services?). After the product idea comes the evaluation: costs, feasibility, sales figures, distribution, profit margins. Then product development, manufacture, quality assurance. And the hardest part last: successful marketing! Marketing, sales and perfect customer service.

Our graduates have the engineering and business management tools to excel in the product process. We think, calculate and speak like engineers and like businesspeople. This is what makes our programme unique, the USP of our graduates (= Unique Selling Proposition). An excellent basis for a successful career.

In "Marketing and Sales", as well as covering consumer goods and capital goods marketing, you are also given comprehensive know-how of all marketing tools, from sales promotion to advertising, sales, pricing, service and controlling. Besides theory you will also develop the following skills: practical methodology to be able to work efficiently and effectively, project management, planning techniques, presentation and moderation techniques, management, leadership and networked thinking.


Pre-study internship

Details of programme (I539-1)

Pre-study internship - production

  • Valid for all Bachelor study programmes of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering
  • Duration: 40 days (8 weeks), preferably completed before study begin
  • If it is not possible to complete internship before studies begin, it should be completed at latest by the start of lectures in the 3rd semester. It is possible to do this in two parts.
Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

  • Fundamentals of natural sciences, commerce and law
  • Knowledge of the complete product process from market research to marketing and sales
  • Theory and practice of key skills (project management, planning techniques, presentation and moderation techniques, management skills)
  • Specialist knowledge of applied empirical social research and market analysisIn-depth knowledge of strategic and operative marketing

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

  • Negotiations skills in at least one foreign language
  • International experience (internship and/or study semester abroad)
  • Teamworking and goal-oriented problem-solving
  • Planning, analytical and problem-solving skills at the engineering/business interface
  • Communications skills

Learning outcomes - employability skills

  • Preparation for roles across industrial and service sectors
  • Specialist knowledge of consumer goods or capital goods marketing
    • strategic marketing
    • operative marketing
    • domestic or foreign technical sales

Further information

Further information on the Business Administration and Engineering - Marketing and Sales programme can be found in our Fakultäts-Kompass handbook.

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