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Programme focus

The part-time Engineering Management degree programme is a comprehensive Business Administration and Engineering course covering engineering, business, communication and organization skills:

EngineeringBusinessCommunication and organization
  • Product Development, Design and Production
  • Measurement and Automation
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Materials
  • Principles of the natural sciences
  • Development Management and Agile Methods
  • Quality and Service Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Marketing and Market Research
  • Business Studies
  • Business Communication and Advertising
  • Process, Change and Information Management
  • Business Law
  • Project Management
Practical skills
  • Technical labs
  • Business simulations
  • Practicals
  • Case studies

Target group

The Business Administration and Engineering - Engineering Management bachelor's programme is aimed at those in full-time employment who have already completed advanced vocational training in a technical field, e.g.:

  • certified Technical Specialist (Geprüfte(r) Technische(r) Fachwirt(in)  (IHK) )
  • certified Industrial Master (Geprüfte(r) Industriemeister(in) (IHK) )
  • state certified Technician (Staatlich geprüfte(r) Techniker(in) )
  • certified Technical Manager (Geprüfte(r) Technische(r) Betriebswirt(in) (IHK) )
  • or similar

and who wish to gain a university degree with a technical focus part-time.

Cooperation partner

The Business Administration and Engineering - Technical Management degree programme is a cooperative higher education programme run by the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering of Furtwangen University in conjunction with the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce (IHK) through § 33 (external examination) of the Baden-Württemberg State University Law.

Furtwangen University has designed the curriculum to teach the theory and practice of Business Administration and Engineering and is responsible for all examinations. The programme is organized and run by the IHK-Akademie in Villingen with the support of lecturers from Furtwangen University.

Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree from Furtwangen University.

Programme content

The programme has a duration of 7 semesters which can be shortened to 6 semesters if work experience is recognized as a practical semester. During the course a total of 180 ECTS points are gained in the modules shown below:

BusinessEngineeringLabs and practical skills Integration & interdisciplinary skillsCommunication
7Development Management & Agile MethodsQuality & Service
ThesisThesis Colloquium
6Marketing Case StudiesMeasurement & AutomationIntroduction to CADProcess, Change- & Information
Communication & Advertising
5Practical Internship Semester
Product Development, Design & ProductionBusiness SimulationBusiness LawMarketing Research
3Personal & Organisation*Mechanical Engineering & MaterialsElectrical Engineering & Electronics LabEmpirical MethodsAcademic Principles & Documentation
2Business Accounting*Electrical Engineering & ElectronicsPhysics LabHigher mathematicsProject Management & Presentation*
1Principles of Business & OperationsPrinciples of Natural Sciences & EngineeringPrinciples of IT*Basic MathematicsTechnical English

* Those with advanced vocational training as a certified Technical Business Manager (geprüften Technischen Betriebswirt(in) IHK) will have the modules marked with an asterisk (*) accredited.

Descriptions of the individual modules can be found under "Downloads".

Lectures take place at the Chamber of Commerce in Villingen every Tuesday and Thursday evening and on Saturdays. Labs are held at Furtwangen University.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • Management of technical developments and innovations
  • Engineering and business skills
  • Application-oriented, academic knowledge
  • Communicative, organisational and soft skills
  • Teambuilding, leadership and negotiation skills